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Winter Solstice Energy is pretty dramatic this year.  Take this basketball hanging out on the rim after bouncing 6 feet off it – just sitting there waiting for another player to wave an energy up at it and tip it in.  I personally love the way he waves the energy up in just the correct direction and velocity to tip it in AND he knows it!

This clip is such a great example of how we use energy and then talk about physics as if the world were still normal.  This place is not normal anymore.  Every wild card and joker in the universe is in play.  We are manifesting consciousness and un-manifesting, complicating and entangling, unraveling, unwinding and loosening our grip on the reality we used to know.  In many ways its getting easier as it gets more fluid, but at the same time we are called to practice our own impeccability at a much higher level than ever before.  Don’t let any communications slide or neglect to say thank-you, please, and permission.  This instant manifestation also means that there’s little slack and we need to cultivate magnificent grace to make up for that.

Notice how your thoughts and previous experience have cut a groove that you may want to step out of.  Do it with your awareness, take a minute to notice that you are rerunning and breathe into a new reality, then act in a new way.  Knowledge only counts if you live it.  Having it in your head but not doing it isn’t “it” yet.  Do it, do everything you know. Do it now, with what you’ve got.  We’re all in this together.

Pay attention and hone your awareness for the real juice of life, show up for the party, tell the truth and let go.  Cultivate love and compassion with un-attachment, hold things gently and allow for more than you hope.

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