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Palm Greens, A feature film
Casey Wood 310-430-9283 or PalmSpringsGreen@yahoo.com

A Proposal for purchasing and very quickly “greening” a small hotel in Palm Springs while creating a feature film to make it successful thereby, creating a more visible and viable GREEN Movement of Palm Springs.
Support Palm Greens Cafe! Enjoy local healthy food and network in your conscious community.

Our feature film is about a small hotel being “saved” by quickly transforming it into the city’s poster child for sustainability and green business. We plan to actually carry out the purchase, the transformation of the hotel, and becoming the Palm Springs poster child for Sustainability for real as we shoot the film. The finished feature film will be entered into film festivals worldwide for publicity and promotion of our hotel accommodations, green concepts, sustainability methods and of course, Palm Springs itself. The film includes a variety of Palm Springs locations, people, local celebrities and will be a tremendous advocate for the local culture and a draw for a new type of tourism. We hope to create a new side of Palm Springs to entice a wider variety of visitors to the city.

Think Sideways – only right side up! Using the film Sideways as a model we will allow the film to be a blatant showcase of the new green Palm Springs. Much of the film’s action occurs in the restaurant Palm Greens and other green or sustainable conscious businesses around town. I am open to including anyone who can prove to me they are in a new paradigm that is earth-friendly and supporting humanity’s wellbeing. Primarily I am interested in those who are willing to go all the way with me, fearlessly creating a new model of hope and prosperity that is based on strong values and valuing. Call me if you want to discuss this or have ideas worth including.

We have an excellent script and a crew with high-level Hollywood credits. The core of our business model is spiritually and practically sound, radiating out into the community with appropriate values and community enhancement. We expect this project to be more than a win/win for all involved, we expect it to be magic!

Our preference is to purchase The El Rancho Lodge, which was built in 1951 by Ed Castle, character actor in dozens of Hollywood movies of the era. He brought many a star to Castle’s Red Barn for vacation and movie screenings in his sunken living room. Guests have been coming through 5 or more changes in ownership. Currently most of the guests are retirees from Canada, US, and abroad as well as a few younger folks with children. Without exception guests who come for the first time fall in love with the ambiance and make reservations for the future, encouraging their friends to come as well. By greening the hotel we expect to maintain current guests, add a younger and green clientele plus cut monthly expenses by at least 10% and possibly up to 60%. The rapid success of the (green) Ace Hotel across the street is very exciting and promises to help create a “green” area of town.

The feature film Palm Greens, will serve as a how-to lesson on turning fortunes around for business owners stressed by current economic trends, a marketing device for the City of Palm Springs, a rallying point for an emerging local green movement, and potentially a draw for new businesses. I expect to attract individuals, groups, and families who are interested in earth restoration and heart focused experiences. The film models human behavior that is advantageous to a healthy, happy life, including nutritional, emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental techniques for restoring wellbeing. I expect this to be a draw for retirees and other health conscious folks moving to Palm Springs. Locals in these fields will be included in the film as well.

Palm Greens can be marketed to cities, businesses, online networking, or through a distributor. I think underground marketing through social networks online will be very successful. There are new methods of film distribution that are emerging so we will be open to following the latest successes and also developing our own online distribution methods following the threads of our demographic’s interests.

The premise of Palm Greens is that “greening and economic sustainability” are not expensive unattainable goals – rather that doing the “right” thing is more fun, simpler, cheaper, and faster. Plus eccentricity makes publicity! Palm Greens models a new relationship with native/indigenous people, that allows historical and spiritual wisdom to lead in the restoration of earth systems while replacing old wounds with fresh possibilities for interaction. We also show that the new green “earth conscious” reality already exists by featuring the businesses and individuals that are already living this way. The new sustainable model will work better and be more economically viable when more of us are doing it. The numbers will be the success and the attraction.

Our first steps happen very quickly and relatively simply:
• Provide a bicycle blender with organic fresh fruit for guests to make their own smoothies. Each hotel room will have its own container with the mechanism available to all.
• Used bicycles stored on an Art Bike Rack available for guests to use, helmets and other needs supplied.
• Solar ovens available for guests to use in the back courtyard with the barbeque.
• Hydroponic gardens in the back courtyard and along length of property.
• Pool and Room Hot Water Heaters using solar.
• Water Filtration system for drinking and cooking water.
• Begin using back of hotel as production studio/workshop for Independent Films

The second phase involves more elaborate and technical systems:
• New windows rated for efficiency and practicality for desert
• New roof with sustainable and green properties
• Enhanced insulation of walls and ceilings
• Room cooling and heating using alternative energy
• Generating our own electricity with wind and solar
• Clean air with ozone and ionization features

The third stage of the greening focuses on educational presentation for guests and public:
• 2 health support rooms for bodywork, counseling, private meditation
• Classroom for sustainable and green educational opportunities for public and guests
• Screening Room for showing green and health films as well as “indies” and classics
• Shared community kitchen for learning raw, slow, and vegetarian cooking
• Green appliances for cooking, laundry, personal hygiene, and other uses
• Green libraries for DVD, Books, and Appliances to be checked out by guests

The final cog in our green wheel is a fantastic website with extensive information and networking of the project and its features, challenging and reporting on others who are going green and sustainable. We plan to use this website to network all local businesses who are participating in the film and together create sales of merchandise, technology, and services.

At every step and for every component in the film we expect to be in partnership with the companies and individuals who are perfecting and living in new green and sustainable ways. These partners will be featured on the website and given high visibility at any public screening as well as film credits for their participation. Our goal is to make this process attractive to the masses, affordable, and easy – creating business for all who work with us to create Viva Verde from the old El Rancho Lodge – modeling a new kind of abundance that comes from a sharing community.

Let’s reinvent Palm Springs, as a leader in the movement to be earth restorative and sustainable.
Here’s to Palm Greens. Viva Verde!

Call Casey Wood, 310-430-9283 if you:
would like to finance this film
have a business to include
have ideas to consider
have contacts to share
would like to be involved as crew or talent
Please call me if you are interested in being my partner in greening properties in Palm Springs.

Toward creating the Local Green Network and Movement
On a larger scale I am inviting investors who will be courageous enough to play! There are over 90 empty business locations on Palm Canyon Drive! Let’s transform all the old dead small hotels in Palm Springs to “green” and find houses with green-able potentials to do the sustainable green turn around. We plan to create a TV series to show how it can be done and explore the possibilities in detail, thrift or extravagance. Imagine Palm Springs Mall as one really Great retail location for a seed community of green businesses including appliances, beds, bedding, a water store, clothing, a used bicycle center, and information center to name a few.

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