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First Michael Jackson dies and gets everyone to think about love and what they can do for the earth, then the lunar eclipse in mid Capricorn dissolves our deepest subconscious issues (source-gestation), then a solar eclipse gives us the strength to stand up for (Mother) Earth and our (especially female) bodies, followed by another lunar eclipse in mid Aquarius giving us the ultimate sense of I can DO it.  Is this good or WHAT!   Yes. This is good.

I feel this solar eclipse is a very potent time to “take back the planet” and our bodies, home, feelings, safety. Reclaim your sense of home from any previous or historical dangers whether inside or outside the home, whether home is a body, a house, car or country. Since the solar eclipse is at 29 degrees 27 minutes Cancer we are in full mastery of those energies if we can realize that the body knows everything. The mind is just the MC watching the show. The mind can however participate meaningfully by enhancing and documenting the unfolding patterns of empowerment rather than the doom and gloom of historical eclipse assumptions.  Choose what you think and manage your mind.

This would be a great time for people’s, both men’s and women’s, bodies to stand up for an end to war or violence on children and the feminine. By consciously creating strength in our resonant field we can be the “dominant” force for maintaining HOME on earth. It’s a very strong way of creating, that is ultimately omnipotent.

Have fun and don’t go on anyone else’s “ride”. Lead, don’t follow! Stay tuned and calibrated to your own body and spirit while calibrating UP to others playing with full decks. Remind yourself that there are a lot of us and we are all connected. Strengthen (and use for your own support) the resonant fields of your choice. Love, Casey

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