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This letter came to me from my friend in Sweden.  I thought it was a great idea that matched the astrology in many ways.  Read the next post to see the update. Casey

Dear friends,

I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you all, but foremost the women for the support during Sundays event. It was an unbelievable healing process and went far beyond expectations. Words do not really suffice nor explain the gratitude we feel. I will here give you some personal highlights of how I experienced the weekend.
Most of us came in on Friday night and a couple joined first thing Saturday morning. We where eight men in the circle which is the number I had in secret asked for.
As we started we found it uncomfortable to go into a process without a clear structure or direction. The structure and direction of course a masculine phenomena.  Our intent was to let the unknown leaderless feminine magic lead. After a few hours we broke in to it. Magical it was. One by one we had our moments just exactly when we where supposed to.
In the evening that first day after going through the collective pain channel, we planted a cherry blossom tree in honor of the feminine. Some joined in a wood fire sauna and others cooked the supper. We all trotted off to bed close to midnight.
We gathered around 9 on Sunday morning and started setting the intentions, of asking for forgiveness. For me this was the most powerful part. We asked for forgiveness for personal and collective events covering every hidden corner of our souls. The whole thing took over 3 hours from the very beginning to the end. One of the most remarkable things was that the presence of a ring of women around us was felt by all.
After some lunch we ended with everyone sharing visions, of where we all wanted to see things go next, but above all a proclamation of our and the collective unconditional LOVE for all WOMEN and all FEMININE.
We have come to a deeper understanding of masculinity and of femininity and are ready to take the next step to be real men in love, support and reverence of The Power Of Creation, The feminine.
Love and Thank you!

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Casey’s Basic Tune-Up Meditation

  • Tune in to the Goddess/Earth/Love energies below your feet.  Imagine a clear path between your feet and the luscious core of the earth.  Nothing gets between you and your mother.  Now allow those vibrant revitalizing energies to gently flow through your feet, lets, butt, torso, head, and arms – shining out to support heaven.

  • Tune in to the God/Sky/Love energies above your head.  Imagine a clear path between your crown and cosmic knowledge.  Nothing gets between you and your father.  Now allow those dynamic energies to gently flow through your head and neck, down through the torso and filling the arms and legs, shining on down to support earth.
  • In case it hasn’t happened yet, ask for any interfering energies to be dissolved or removed from your being in all dimensions, all frequencies, all aspects of time and space, and any other way of perceiving yourself.  Now feel this as your home base.  Allow yourself to run higher voltage, especially in neck, ankles, and wrists.  Give yourself permission to turn on the juice.
  • Ask for any part of you that has been overworking to find its appropriate participation in your being, and for any dormant part to wake up and get on with it.
  • Request that all aspects of you now update to the present moment (condensing past and future), harmonizing and integrating all that has just changed.
  • Now sit with this wonderful feeling, allowing your self to know the truth of Being. Once you are in the fullness of this energy begin to radiate out to support all sentient beings in co-creating peace and abundance on earth.

If you have any questions or difficulties with this meditation please call.

Casey Wood                       310-430-9283                  www.chironbabies.com

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We rarely say the word greed.  It’s such an old fashioned idea.  We use greed when we talk about corporate finance or the banking industry but when was the last time you heard someone mention an individual as greedy.  Somehow we have corporatized the term, relaxed away from its personal nature.  And yet behind every greedy corporation isn’t there one greedy person or an unconsciously greedy board of directors?

I’ve been thinking a lot about abundance and wealth during my lifetime.  Since there usually seemed to be a shortage of cash, it worked out in a very practical manner for me to put more thought power into an idea of abundance that was separate and different from financial wealth.  I counted my blessings, tried not to put my pearls in the wrong place, kept my needles for sewing and worked out some other protestant pitfalls on the road to viable income and expense spreadsheets.

A love of numbers led me through an aborted math career, a default to bookkeeping career, and eventually into numerology and back around to sacred geometry and mathematics again.  By this time the numbers were totally new to me and now they’ve grown into a theory of co-creation and abundance.  What follows is my own idea about how to restore the birthright of natural overflowing abundance into every project and every pocket.

As we move into a renewed future, under blackberry leadership with handheld devices for all, it is truly our relationships that represent the foundation and the backbone of our abundance.  How many friends I have on Facebook just isn’t enough to make my world successful and abundant.  It really matters that I create and maintain deep, safe, communicative, lasting friendships that can weather a lot of truth telling as well as a few moments of total unconscionable denial.

In the universal law of as above – so below everything in the micro matches the macro, everything in my inner world matches the patterns and energy signatures of the outer world.  And all of those pairs can be read inside out as well.  That’s a really fantastic tool for analysis and understanding of just about anything that can happen in a crazy Los Angeles lifestyle.  In my searches for meaning and my exploration of “above”s and “below”s, I see the patterns that inform my beliefs and values for creating a community, a family constellation that can withstand the rigors of creation.  And I mean a wild ass creativity that makes new films, and performances, and homes, and great dinners together.

In order to live in the world at my highest level of healthy, functional creativity I’ve had to choose to first create inside myself a highly competent Analyst and Strategist, a totally detached calm Mother, a Shaman extraordinaire, the clarity of an Oracle, the wisdom of an old Master, a great Comedian, and a superlative to match all my own inner qualities.  Every inner aspect of Self had to be experienced consciously, i.e. with awareness, in order to ferret out the shadow, my fears, perceived inadequacies, and especially the wonder that is Me.  We all have to do it.  It’s the reason to be alive:  KNOW THYSELF.  The group’s creativity will bloom and broadcast to the same extent that each one of a group has explored Self-Mastery.  Without conscious attention each pair relationship can only rise to the lowest level of Self Mastery between the two.  If however, you add an awareness to keeping the bar high and supportive truth telling it’s a very different story.  Our inner attention and un-spun emotional honesty allows for a beautiful resonant field of co-creativity to begin to build around us.  The more we link up with fellow travelers on the journey of creativity who have achieved their own Self-Mastery the larger the resonant field becomes.  “Critical mass” and “the hundredth monkey” are ways that this concept began creeping into the cultural awareness.  Now its time to take the whole idea over the top and into our bedrooms!

So what I know now, after being part of a lot of groups and ventures (that sometimes partially succeeded) is that any abundance has to start with two people developing enough trust that the relationship can withstand anything.  I mean anything can come at those two Self-Masters and absolutely nothing can break the bond of communication and surety between them.  A knowledge deep and simple that we two are on the same team. . . no matter what anyone said, no matter what the circumstances look like, no matter what wasn’t said or done, or even if we forget for a minute.  Then once that relationship is in place and tested we do it again with another and another.  And we introduce our inner circle folks with other inner circle folks and see what cooks.

When you add a third person all the old fear patterns get exposed, that part of the deal is pretty difficult to sort out sometimes but well worth the attention.  In a triangulation there’s no shadow – nothing hidden, someone can always see what’s real underneath or behind what just happened.  It’s a gift to have a healthy triangle to incubate your own soul.

Those triangles continue to grow in number broadening your base of community. However it isn’t really a community or a “family of choice” group until four can exist with the same levels of shared safety and communication as that rockin’ two.

In the sacred geometry of it – first the sacred two, then the creative three, and on to the stability of the four.  When you get to the four, the energy of stability comes into play.  Like the four legs of a chair or a table you suddenly have something you can lean on, can use as a structural “homebase”.  It’s a haven for each of the individuals because no one person can upset the apple cart, so to speak.  The relationship group takes on a life of its own almost separate from each individual, which as it turns out is a real blessing and takes the pressure off that steep uphill curve of personal growth that starts to wear us out in the beginnings of multiple relationships.  It takes considerable inner work, commitment, and a significant follow through to get to a solid healthy “four”.

But Five is where it really gets juicy.  In a word I’d call it discernment.  Working with five people in a committed group brings up the issues of each individual’s choices.  Can we each make appropriate choices that take good care of “me” and through integrity play out in the best interest of each of the other individuals in the group.  It takes practice and often the groups don’t have the strength or expertise to withstand these practice runs.  But its all good and we keep doing it until we get a group that works for us – until we get enough Self-Masters in the same project, under the same roof, and on the playing field, the resonant playing field.

Sometimes the five group is stable and creative for a time because it matches our family of origin dysfunction patterns.  Soon the house of cards tumbles and we feel around for another set of friends.  Sometimes our own inner growth gently cuts them loose or absurdly pushes them away.  In an Aquarian reality this is completely natural and like the loose bonds between water molecules we pause in relationship and then move onto the next more and more frequently.

The six relationship accentuates those old codependency patterns, especially the ones that have to do with pleasing and taking better care of others than we take of ourselves.  At this number of community we are pushed to go back and go deeper on any of the steps of relating where we may have slacked off.  Deeper into the Self mastery of One, the trust bond of the Two, the grace filled truth telling of the Three and so on.  I was once part of a large group that did really well when 6 staff members were present, but add a 7th and any meeting or event totally fell into argument and someone stormed out.  We did that for 4 months and never made it to the sacred geometric seven of community, but we were quite good at being a six.

So you can see the pattern now.  What I’ve found is that in order to have an organization that can generate, flow and maintain abundance (whether cash, love, or material objects) there must be at least 5 strong “Ones” at the core with all the “twos” and “threes” and “fours” clear and functioning.  Around that core, are concentric circles of individuals who are aware of their relationship to the core and why.

By the time a core group is established and the resonant field is stabile for the individuals, the creativity is also flowing and the cash is beginning to generate.  The strength of the core group makes it quicker and easier for new members to “dock on” and get into the flow.  All the hard work of the first 4 steps is duplicated by entrainment into the resonant field of experience within the group.  And from here, its all fine-tuning and experiential learning, so go have some fun and co-create a higher level of abundance all the way around your own block.

Note:  The Peoples Theater is an experiment of this sacred geometry of community unfolding.  Dana and I have been having this discussion for several years now and this is our current manifestation of these principles.  The one-sey two-sey of it is on this stage for you to see and experience.  We hope you will take this experience back into your own lives and expand the resonant field of co-creation that is the future beginning now. www.thepeoplestheater.com

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