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This letter came to me from my friend in Sweden.  I thought it was a great idea that matched the astrology in many ways.  Read the next post to see the update. Casey

Dear friends,

I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you all, but foremost the women for the support during Sundays event. It was an unbelievable healing process and went far beyond expectations. Words do not really suffice nor explain the gratitude we feel. I will here give you some personal highlights of how I experienced the weekend.
Most of us came in on Friday night and a couple joined first thing Saturday morning. We where eight men in the circle which is the number I had in secret asked for.
As we started we found it uncomfortable to go into a process without a clear structure or direction. The structure and direction of course a masculine phenomena.  Our intent was to let the unknown leaderless feminine magic lead. After a few hours we broke in to it. Magical it was. One by one we had our moments just exactly when we where supposed to.
In the evening that first day after going through the collective pain channel, we planted a cherry blossom tree in honor of the feminine. Some joined in a wood fire sauna and others cooked the supper. We all trotted off to bed close to midnight.
We gathered around 9 on Sunday morning and started setting the intentions, of asking for forgiveness. For me this was the most powerful part. We asked for forgiveness for personal and collective events covering every hidden corner of our souls. The whole thing took over 3 hours from the very beginning to the end. One of the most remarkable things was that the presence of a ring of women around us was felt by all.
After some lunch we ended with everyone sharing visions, of where we all wanted to see things go next, but above all a proclamation of our and the collective unconditional LOVE for all WOMEN and all FEMININE.
We have come to a deeper understanding of masculinity and of femininity and are ready to take the next step to be real men in love, support and reverence of The Power Of Creation, The feminine.
Love and Thank you!

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Here is a beautiful message from Sharon McErlane, I hope you enjoy as much as I do:

Often I have wondered why, with a message as profound as theirs, more women do not step forward into leadership positions and spread the Grandmothers’ message. In the last week I journeyed to them twice on this subject. On the second journey I said, “Grandmothers, yesterday you showed me why more women don’t step forward to carry your message. “They lack belief in their own greatness,” you told me. I understand this,” I said, “but what do we do about it? So now I have another question for you. You see us as we really are and you see the world as it is. Given that, then tell us how we can believe in the greatness within ourselves, and go ahead and act on it.” The Grandmothers nodded as I spoke and smiled. They liked my question.

Immediately, before me appeared two female figures I had sculpted two months ago, figures depicting women from an earlier time in history. As I looked them over, the Grandmothers said, “You can’t look backward to find feminine role models.” “Yes, Grandmothers,” I said, “I know you are right.”

As soon as I said this, I became aware of a fire blazing in the space before me, and as I watched it, I felt heat rising up inside my body. And from this I understood that this fire is present inside each woman.“What you are experiencing is the fire of shakti,” the Grandmothers said, ” the elemental power of life.” ” It is in our body and in our spirit,” I thought and as I mulled this over, the Grandmothers stood by, watching. “Call on it,”“Call it up. This is the life force within you. Women hold the spirit of shakti. You carry life force. That’s why you carry babies. That’s why you have a well-spring of such great feeling within yourself and why more women than men are ‘spiritual.’ You carry pure life force. they said.

“Think of this force now,” they said. “Give yourself permission to feel it and become aware of it. Where in your body do you feel it?” they asked me. “It’s in the center of my body,” I responded, “running from my solar plexis on down.” And as I felt it, my body begin to rock, a rolling sort of movement. “This is where life comes from. You are the carriers of life,” they said, and turning to me, asked, “Don’t you realize what that means?” “I don’t think I do, Grandmothers,” I answered, stunned by my own ignorance. “I don’t think I do.” “You carry the fire of shakti inside yourself and through this you bring life into form. Without you, the world would end. You are the carriers of life,” they repeated, giving me a piercing look.

“Over time this truth became minimized and hidden. It’s import was trivialized, even institutionalized,” they said. “You have been lied to, dominated, and controlled,” they said, their eyes fierce, “treated as property. Many of you are still treated like that. You Are Shakti,” they held each word a long time and as they did, they rose to a great height–enormous women. “You are life force itself”“This is the truth.“, they said.

“You can trust the force that pulses in your veins, the force that moves within you and flows through your bloodstream. You carry life and you are worthy of deepest respect. Your part in the human drama on earth is great. You are utterly necessary.

“It’s time to own the truth of yourself,” they said, giving a small shake of their heads. “The lies you have been told about the nature of woman,” they paused and shook their heads. “Ridiculous,”they said and threw up their hands. “It’s time to dismiss all that. Feel the force of life within yourself,” they said again. “Place your awareness there. “This pulsing power of life came to you through your mother, through her mother and her mother and her mother and her mother before her. You are of the female line-the mothers of the earth,” they said. And looking me up and down, the Grandmothers again drew themselves to their full height and announced, “Mothers of the earth, step forward now. It is time. We are calling you.

“If,” they said, and paused for emphasis, “you are now ready to awaken from the Big Sleep that long ago overcame you, ready to claim your greatness, you must stop pretending you are not important, pretending you are ‘not very much.’ Instead call on this fire within. Call up the power of shakti until you feel it. It is real,” they said, secret smiles playing about their lips. “This power serves life. It is a blessing for everything. For too long it has been hidden, diminished and made to feel ashamed of itself, ashamed of its great, loving, giving beauty. “We’re calling women to power now,” the Grandmothers said, “calling for the good of everything that lives. It’s time to return to balance,” they said, heads nodding wisely, “and for this, women must lead.”

Wishing you all the very best,

Sharon McErlane
The Grandmothers
phone: 949 338 4691

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