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We’ve all been using the time of our lives collecting our disowned, unknown or missing parts. We put ourselves back together again and are creating our own wholeness. Amping up our joy and creativity. The more we do this the more we say YES to ourselves, to what IS, and to unfolding earth’s best potential.

That, my friends automatically circumscribes a resounding NO to all that does not support life, abundance and creativity for everyone on earth.


In whatever way your particular strength says it. But come out and hold the YES to Earth that says NO to the crazy money grab and trumped up wars of our US administration. Know that we are holding an energetic matrix that is restoring the very fabric of life on earth. This season of political absurdity is only the last ditch response to the fact that the fabric is holding and the times have already changed.

Spread the love around to your friends, family, and neighbors. Enjoy the sunshine, your garden’s harvest, and the comedy! See you in the airwaves. C

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