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Libra in an Aries Sandwich!

The full moon 2 weeks ago was at zero degrees Aries – whole fresh new Aries energy – and since that’s basically the energy of Aries anyway, we’re talkin’ really fresh.  I mean you won’t even recognize yourself being this new!  You’ll surprise yourself with what you are “just doing”. The next full moon is at 29 degrees Aries, all the way at the other end of total confidence and mastery of Self.  Here’s where we experience the perfect timing of healthy Aries knowing just what to do and how much to do it

Today’s New Moon in Libra is the perfect gooey spread for this Aries Sandwich.  Time to disable any enabling and start kick starting yourself into internal truth telling so that your action gets into the action.  Mostly just stop doing things the way you’ve always done it.  Let your ideas fly into action before you have time to out think yourself, before you have time to talk yourself out of your own creativity, before you forget to forget what you were supposed to remember.

Libra when dysfunctional will defer herself right out of existence, but not in this Aries Sandwich, no way that would even be possible.  There’s nowhere to defer to that isn’t in the sling-shot, ready to be catapulted into high gear, fast forward go-go-go.

Enjoy the blast off and share your experiences as comments to this post.

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The eclipse season is on coast and now its just time to DO what we know. The last eclipse in Aquarius gave us a kick in the butt to do it now but it was at 13 degrees so we’re not really confident in what we’re doing. Maybe that’s a good thing, so we learn to follow guidance and collaborate. I feel that the pisces full moon also in the middle of the sign is also asking us to be aware of the “energy patterns” that we are allowing, seeking, and desiring. Get it right and the ignition is powerful. Everyone I know has a great project that is seeking funding, even the funders are seeking funding to generate funding. The 9-9-09 emails ask us to focus on transforming the money and currency energetic to be more pro earth and love. I’m all for it – and by the way, each of us can “turn on the faucet” for someone who has just a little less that we do. So cultivate being a philanthropist, no matter what rung of the economic ladder you usually dwell on. Stop dwelling and start giving a leg up to anyone who wants to go up the ladder with you. Don’t overlook the fact that we are all in this together. Numbers are significant now and every chironbaby tends to want to do it alone for simplicity or clarity. We all have to start trusting that the other person has also done their homework and its time to collaborate unabashedly. Go, Go, Go.

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Happy Energy Full Moon. Pay attention to the energy of things. The nonphysical world is rich with content, just like the physical 3-d that we are used to in our daily lives.

The last two weeks were devoted to remembering what used to keep us from our true Leo purpose and ease of being with full creativity engaged. Going in to a deeper level of freedom and satisfaction. I hope you were able to free yourself or find a new ease in it. Happy creating!

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