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Wow here we are in the science fiction zone of the 1950’s and there’s no George Jetson reality.  But it could arrive in 2010!  Robots are ramping up, technology is already reved, the old world is crumbling, the economy threatens to tank even worse and the Chiron/Jupiter/Neptune conjunction just keeps on going.

On New Year’s Eve we are treated to a Full Moon, which is a Blue Moon or second full moon in one month.  It’s also eclipsed by the earth. What an amazing day!  These are big energies that are focused in the sign of Cancer where we want safety, tenderness, home and hearth.  Usually the full moon puts lots of light on our subconscious needs so that we can see them more clearly.  The eclipse however will give us lots of exposure of the subconscious but without the lights on – allowing us to experience the Shadow of the Shadow. Allowing us to go in – archeologically – to explore and change the subconscious through experiencing authentically and witnessing that experience.

This one is in Cancer so what kind of home do you really want, how do you really feel, what does your family really mean to you?  And of course keep going deeper, like past life families, build a home out of dirt, or consciously invite a created family together to manifest your dream of a safe environment.  There’s more to come so stay tuned…

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