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Mercury is direct early Sag, Uranus is direct early Aries. Jupiter still retrograde near beginning of Taurus. We are getting another pass at energies that we had the opportunity to go through earlier. This time we have a little more of our mastery within our grasp, have weeded out some of the people and experiences that were less than our dreams, are more willing to go for it – having seen the consequences of not – and when Jupiter turns around on the 25th we will be ready to go BigGER!! and further with more confidence and commitment. Girls to Women. Boys to Men. All of us to confident innocence with the ability to back ourselves up with our soul’s authority. The arrow has arrived at the target before the hand touches the sinew. . . or not. Be the strong direction of your own trajectory.

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This is the latest note from my friend in Sweden and the reuniting of the masculine & feminine. Casey
Dear Friends,

In lieu of the The Tree of life Celebration I have written this pledge of Love please pass it on if you feel inclined.

Please join us on face book. The Tree of Life Celebration (Celebrating the reunification of the divine masculine and divine feminine… in to ONE)

Love and Gratitude



A pledge of Love


In May 2010 eight men of all walks of life, gathered in Småland, Sweden. This was to be a journey in to the Collective subconscious in an attempt to break down the walls of suppression that the false masculine has been holding over the divine feminine for the last 5000 years.

We went through a process of accountability and responsibility both for our personal and our collective relationship to all feminine, including our own feminine within. We went deep in to every daily aspect… and to the darkest corners of history.

We then asked for Forgiveness. We asked for forgiveness, unconditionally, from the deepest part of our souls to all women and the divine feminine.

When I came home, I asked for forgiveness from my wife and best friend… I now, revere her intuition, see her love and hear her voice.

A shift in the Underworld had clearly taken place. I have in the months since, held circle’s directly in front of women, going through the process of accountability and responsibility… asking for forgiveness. It has been the most powerful work I have ever participated in. We are severing ties in the collective subconscious, ties we never thought could be broken. I am in deep, deep Gratitude to the Divine Feminine…


I am asking for forgiveness.

As a man and a representative for the masculine I want to take full responsibility and accountability for all that I, as an individual in this lifetime, in the conscious, sub conscious and all dimensions, has done to women and the feminine in disrespect to the divine.

I take full responsibility and accountability for my relationship and how I have treated, my mother, my sister’s, my grandmother’s, my wife, my daughter’s, my girlfriends, and all women I have ever come in contact with. I take responsibility for all known and unknown control I have used to keep the feminine energy down. I take responsibility for all disrespectful thoughts of women I have ever had. I take full responsibility for my violent acts on animal life, nature and mother earth.

I apologize and ask the divine feminine, all women, all feminine energy for forgiveness.

As a man and a representative of the collective masculine I take full responsibility for all violent acts that has ever taken place on the divine feminine. I take full responsibility for all violent acts, wars, rapes, torture in the name of man, that has ever taken place. I take responsibility for the massive suppression, manipulation and deception that has systematically been used and is used to keep the feminine down. As a representative of the collective masculine, I take full responsibility and accountability for the rape and violence on our divine mother earth.

As a representative of the collective masculine I ask all women and the divine feminine for forgiveness. I ask for forgiveness from the deepest part of the collective masculine soul.

I am so, so sorry! We are so, so sorry!


My Pledge of Love

This is A pledge of worship, support and love to the Divine Feminine, femininity and all women. You are the power of Creation. I am here to revere, love and support you. I am the water that the plant needs in order to grow. This is my role as a representation of the true Masculine. You are revered, loved and supported from the true Masculine as we are once again ONE.


Petter Barve

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Libra in an Aries Sandwich!

The full moon 2 weeks ago was at zero degrees Aries – whole fresh new Aries energy – and since that’s basically the energy of Aries anyway, we’re talkin’ really fresh.  I mean you won’t even recognize yourself being this new!  You’ll surprise yourself with what you are “just doing”. The next full moon is at 29 degrees Aries, all the way at the other end of total confidence and mastery of Self.  Here’s where we experience the perfect timing of healthy Aries knowing just what to do and how much to do it

Today’s New Moon in Libra is the perfect gooey spread for this Aries Sandwich.  Time to disable any enabling and start kick starting yourself into internal truth telling so that your action gets into the action.  Mostly just stop doing things the way you’ve always done it.  Let your ideas fly into action before you have time to out think yourself, before you have time to talk yourself out of your own creativity, before you forget to forget what you were supposed to remember.

Libra when dysfunctional will defer herself right out of existence, but not in this Aries Sandwich, no way that would even be possible.  There’s nowhere to defer to that isn’t in the sling-shot, ready to be catapulted into high gear, fast forward go-go-go.

Enjoy the blast off and share your experiences as comments to this post.

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Yesterday I searched for the perfect photo of Michael Jackson to use as an icon of the 1980’s. Of course it would be a Thriller photo.
Today – it’s a different world.

At 12:30pm when he checked into the hospital in LA my world slowed to a surreal fog and my traveling companion and I are melding into an energy field of retrospective peacefulness. The world changed before we knew it had. The day turned mentally foggy and disjointed, lost items were hopelessly un-retrievable.

Michael Jackson holds a huge global field of love.

No matter what you believe about Michael’s personal life, he has kept the message pure and clear. No matter what the current media assault, his gentleness and eccentric creativity shine beyond comparison.

And he owns The Beatles Music!! How weird and wonderful, how bizarre and sad.

In my astrology he is a chironbaby – a wise old master trying to find his way to remembering who he really is and why this life was his canvas. The challenge was one of seeing himself clearly, and in a kind of nobility rising to his own high potential. Creativity.

From late 1954 to 1991, not continuously but sprinkled throughout, babies were born who did not fit the cultural patterns, would not follow the prescribed paths, and who had a sexual vitality to wake the dead!

This group, plus some other rogue souls, set out to change the world by loving it and being wildly creative. This wild creativity it turns out is the only way to stay energetically impervious to the assaults and tremendous cultural “drag” that threatens to take them out at every turn.

Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John Lennon, you know the list. Every one of them a chironbaby. An old master remembering, not a child learning. Michael made it to 50! That’s strong. But couldn’t make it through his Chiron return – when the little planetoid, Chiron comes back to where it was when you were born. It’s a tremendous rebirth for each of us. If you don’t use the strength of your own mind to give yourself the correct, life affirming messages your body can believe that it is dying or worse yet, create the circumstances of your death. The mind is our best asset and our most useful tool for change, stability, and most of all for creating the field of potential around our bodies.

In a world that does not generally support life on earth, it’s really important to teach yourself how to manage your own mind. Especially not allowing anyone the right-of-way in your train of thought. Steer clear of those ‘accusing you of living in your own world’ or ‘nay-sayers’ What works today is to think in your own crazy coherent personalized creative way. Develop your own operating system, your own encyclopedia of experience and use it.

Looking beyond the culture at large and nurturing your own creativity is the best life support system available. Breathe deeply, get out in the trees and next to the ocean – inhale the air your body needs to do its health well. Drink water that’s alive, even if you have to give it prayer resuscitation. In fact give it the prayer treatment anyway.

Eat high frequency foods and organics to keep the poison to a minimum. Move your body, walking is good but make sure you move your upper body to keep the lymphatic system working well. Turn yourself upside down whenever you can and roll down a hill just to give yourself a reality check.

Figure out what you love, what makes you excited to get up in the morning, and then DO IT. Do it and take a following with you.

Create your tribe, or find the tribes that make you laugh, and sing, or dance. Living a life of joy no matter what cultural or familial cues previously pushed your buttons. There’s no need to take the time for resolution, understanding, correction, or being understood. If it didn’t work move on and don’t throw the energy around in a tantrum. It doesn’t matter if anyone else “gets” it.

We’ve gone global, we’ve worked locally, now its time to make a personal creative statement.

Make your life a personal creative statement just because you can.

Casey Wood

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