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These three are tracking together for months so we will get lots of practice in working with the Christ field of oneness. Who is your family, how are you related, always calibrate one another UP!, we ARE all connected and related, it’s BIG, You are BIG, bigger is better/easier, everyone’s in the same boat, and its only going to keep amping up so figure it out for yourself. You are a magnificent facet of the God source and we all need you to be your biggest self, now. “Please reflect that to everyone so we can be healthy and stable in our own SELF center.” We are in this together so if you can support those who have less of whatever is your expertise its time to share it! Do something, do anything, but do it now with what you’ve got. Today is 12/12/09, another booster rocket to 12/12/12. Just a little practice day for each one’s ability to receive the divine dispensation of love pouring into us if we let it. Open your heart and spread the love and strength around in your own inner circle of those who really do support you in being your biggest soul self. Each one of us can put our philanthropy to work with someone in our own network who needs what we have in abundance. We don’t require investors to do this. We don’t require millions, or hundreds of thousands of dollars, we just need to recognize our own God self has the power of abundant love to spread around. It might be money, but it might be food, or clothing, or a lift somewhere, or a couch to sleep on, or the best gift of all – love and support for being one’s full radiant self.

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