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Winter Solstice Energy is pretty dramatic this year.  Take this basketball hanging out on the rim after bouncing 6 feet off it – just sitting there waiting for another player to wave an energy up at it and tip it in.  I personally love the way he waves the energy up in just the correct direction and velocity to tip it in AND he knows it!

This clip is such a great example of how we use energy and then talk about physics as if the world were still normal.  This place is not normal anymore.  Every wild card and joker in the universe is in play.  We are manifesting consciousness and un-manifesting, complicating and entangling, unraveling, unwinding and loosening our grip on the reality we used to know.  In many ways its getting easier as it gets more fluid, but at the same time we are called to practice our own impeccability at a much higher level than ever before.  Don’t let any communications slide or neglect to say thank-you, please, and permission.  This instant manifestation also means that there’s little slack and we need to cultivate magnificent grace to make up for that.

Notice how your thoughts and previous experience have cut a groove that you may want to step out of.  Do it with your awareness, take a minute to notice that you are rerunning and breathe into a new reality, then act in a new way.  Knowledge only counts if you live it.  Having it in your head but not doing it isn’t “it” yet.  Do it, do everything you know. Do it now, with what you’ve got.  We’re all in this together.

Pay attention and hone your awareness for the real juice of life, show up for the party, tell the truth and let go.  Cultivate love and compassion with un-attachment, hold things gently and allow for more than you hope.

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Libra in an Aries Sandwich!

The full moon 2 weeks ago was at zero degrees Aries – whole fresh new Aries energy – and since that’s basically the energy of Aries anyway, we’re talkin’ really fresh.  I mean you won’t even recognize yourself being this new!  You’ll surprise yourself with what you are “just doing”. The next full moon is at 29 degrees Aries, all the way at the other end of total confidence and mastery of Self.  Here’s where we experience the perfect timing of healthy Aries knowing just what to do and how much to do it

Today’s New Moon in Libra is the perfect gooey spread for this Aries Sandwich.  Time to disable any enabling and start kick starting yourself into internal truth telling so that your action gets into the action.  Mostly just stop doing things the way you’ve always done it.  Let your ideas fly into action before you have time to out think yourself, before you have time to talk yourself out of your own creativity, before you forget to forget what you were supposed to remember.

Libra when dysfunctional will defer herself right out of existence, but not in this Aries Sandwich, no way that would even be possible.  There’s nowhere to defer to that isn’t in the sling-shot, ready to be catapulted into high gear, fast forward go-go-go.

Enjoy the blast off and share your experiences as comments to this post.

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This is a letter to my friend but it might be a note to your inner self too.  We are all going through very difficult transitions in order to become full joyful living.  Many of us are watching loved ones depart or helping them transition out of their bodies and their pain.  If you are opening for the first time to your own emotion or to ever deeper experiences of emotion, this is a very intense time for you. I hope these words can inspire you to continue in your search for meaning and feeling in your daily life.  The warrior archetypes are dismantling now and emotion is fully available to the male body like never before.  I send love and support to all the men who are opening and embracing this wild new territory.

We are amazing products of our body’s ancient history archive, our learned and acquired emotional experiences, our mental assessments and our wild card cosmic connectivity with it all.
This is truly an amazing moment in or out of Time and Space with a lot of no time, all time “experientiality”.

And on top of that your Cat Lydia is probably the only person who has ever loved you absolutely unconditionally and wanted to be with you always, no matter what!  She’s taught you about the underlying possibility that Love really is the answer and maybe Love is all that matters.  But more than that – she gave you the experience of it in your everyday life.  She gives you back as much as you give her!  Such a balanced flow.  Love for Love.
She also gave you the opportunity to cleanse your tear ducts.  That was one way to start your own inner flow moving.

When was the last time your body touched ocean water? When was the last time your bare feet touched the dirt (not sand)?  When was the last time you stood in the rain and let yourself get soaked?  When was the last time you were naked in the morning sun?
Find something that feeds you – in addition to Lydia…  Something that isn’t weaker than you.

Nature can do that in some places still.

I’m finding that I typically get my “juice” from people but they have so little anymore.  I need to develop ways of nourishing myself by breathing in creative ways (maybe yogic or spiritual practices can show me how) for more oxygen content, absorbing the early morning sun on my skin for Vitamin D and other benefits, reading for the fun of being entertained, moving randomly (same time off computer moving, that I spend on it in one position), bouncing for lymphatic health (even more important than blood), and eating real organic food in higher quantities.

For me the tears don’t come unless I feel some cosmic sorrow for humanity or I really dive into some physical pain until I find a little girl who just cries because it hurts.  Emotions do not usually make me cry, I am not ruled by emotions-run-a-muck or overloading on the happy side either.

If “Old Yeller” makes you cry – use it to clean out your tear ducts once in a while. (BTW-typical codependency clue is you can feel animals or abused people more than yourself- from Bradshaw on the Family or Codependent No More)

One thing I’ve observed:  Silence comes from unending rage, Rage follows unresolvable anger, anger emerges from grief that we can’t change what’s going on for our own wellbeing, grief grows from wounds that keep getting opened.  Wounds come from our experience of the deep unresolved emotion of others that keep reoccurring.

Healthy Deep emotion is a learned experience that happens in a safe place.  Mostly we learn deep emotion from the pain and suffering of others around us as a kid.  Often in silence we simply feel what they feel and it sets our hard drive for that kind of software, then later when we have the mental tools to figure it out we try to put the pieces of the puzzle into some kind of picture that brings us peace in any way that can work to allow us to nourish ourselves in better ways.

Your body is talking to you about this topic, just keep following the leads to its needs and you’ll get somewhere that matters to you.  Everything is archived by your body, whether you know it or not.  So all those physical experiences of it are unopened mail.  (hum the aol tune here.)  You’ve got mail.

And just for your mind to hear it:  Holy shit that’s a long list of blows to the status quo if nothing else!!  I suggest that you might be inheriting the family “unclaimed mail”.  Maybe take a little time and write (with a pen and paper-one sheet for each person) each person’s biggest fear, biggest wound, biggest grief, biggest remorse, biggest failure, biggest unfulfilled dream, and see if they don’t move out of your body and onto the paper.

Then write a REAL obituary for each of them.  Let them be real and let all their experiences belong to them.  Maybe share it with the younger generation still alive so they don’t have to “wear” the family’s unopened mail.  Put a little chili pepper in the stew of family history.

And if you do, I would love to read what you write.  I love you, in many ways.  Casey

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Wow here we are in the science fiction zone of the 1950’s and there’s no George Jetson reality.  But it could arrive in 2010!  Robots are ramping up, technology is already reved, the old world is crumbling, the economy threatens to tank even worse and the Chiron/Jupiter/Neptune conjunction just keeps on going.

On New Year’s Eve we are treated to a Full Moon, which is a Blue Moon or second full moon in one month.  It’s also eclipsed by the earth. What an amazing day!  These are big energies that are focused in the sign of Cancer where we want safety, tenderness, home and hearth.  Usually the full moon puts lots of light on our subconscious needs so that we can see them more clearly.  The eclipse however will give us lots of exposure of the subconscious but without the lights on – allowing us to experience the Shadow of the Shadow. Allowing us to go in – archeologically – to explore and change the subconscious through experiencing authentically and witnessing that experience.

This one is in Cancer so what kind of home do you really want, how do you really feel, what does your family really mean to you?  And of course keep going deeper, like past life families, build a home out of dirt, or consciously invite a created family together to manifest your dream of a safe environment.  There’s more to come so stay tuned…

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Aries Full Moon at 11 degrees.
The master number 11 applies to your ability and drive to DO IT. And we will all want to DO IT our own way. Obviously that’s going to be easier if we are aligned with divine will so as to minimize the conflict of that many leaders! We are a large group focused on personal wellbeing and earth restoration. Do your part by being yourself and doing your passion with grace and ease at the perfect timing.

It is often said that Aries has to learn patience but I disagree. If your Aries is having to learn patience then you are missing the Aries point which is more like a blue heron. The Blue Heron fishes and stands, catches and eats, flies and sleeps, it does not wait nor learn patience.  Aries is present in the moment, not waiting, not patient, just present in perfect timing with the perfect action in the right amount. DO IT or don’t do it, but make it YOURS.

A friend of mine who does massage of the organs and belly has moved into the San Francisco and Monterey Bay area. She’s also a midwife so pass the word on to anyone you know who is pregnant!
I found her belly massage to be exceptional. Clearing last remaining physical residues of all the clearing I’ve already done. It was very cool. The full moon is in Aries and so is her chiron, making her the perfect bodywork for the next 2 weeks. Hope you can all indulge yourselves and let her help you get your solar plexus online and open. It’s time to “do it your way” – that’s the message of this moon cycle. The will power moves through the belly (and our emotional history) moving the soul’s power, held in the lumbars, into action (Aries) with the will (Leo) in harmony (Cancer/Moon) with the soul (Pisces). Enjoy and let me know how it is for you…

Astrid is currently in Santa Cruz, CA, available to the whole San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey Bay Areas. You are so lucky she is in your vicinity. Take advantage and get your organs massaged into their correct placement. It will help your consciousness align as well.  http://www.birthrootmidwife.com   360-630-8391 is her cell number.  And yes she does work on men and women both.

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The eclipse season is on coast and now its just time to DO what we know. The last eclipse in Aquarius gave us a kick in the butt to do it now but it was at 13 degrees so we’re not really confident in what we’re doing. Maybe that’s a good thing, so we learn to follow guidance and collaborate. I feel that the pisces full moon also in the middle of the sign is also asking us to be aware of the “energy patterns” that we are allowing, seeking, and desiring. Get it right and the ignition is powerful. Everyone I know has a great project that is seeking funding, even the funders are seeking funding to generate funding. The 9-9-09 emails ask us to focus on transforming the money and currency energetic to be more pro earth and love. I’m all for it – and by the way, each of us can “turn on the faucet” for someone who has just a little less that we do. So cultivate being a philanthropist, no matter what rung of the economic ladder you usually dwell on. Stop dwelling and start giving a leg up to anyone who wants to go up the ladder with you. Don’t overlook the fact that we are all in this together. Numbers are significant now and every chironbaby tends to want to do it alone for simplicity or clarity. We all have to start trusting that the other person has also done their homework and its time to collaborate unabashedly. Go, Go, Go.

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Happy Energy Full Moon. Pay attention to the energy of things. The nonphysical world is rich with content, just like the physical 3-d that we are used to in our daily lives.

The last two weeks were devoted to remembering what used to keep us from our true Leo purpose and ease of being with full creativity engaged. Going in to a deeper level of freedom and satisfaction. I hope you were able to free yourself or find a new ease in it. Happy creating!

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