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Dowsing by Casey Wood



Dowsing with a pendulum or dowser is a simple way to determine information with your instincts when the mind does not know the answer.  My method of dowsing uses your body as the oracle much like the willow wand used by the “waterwitch” method.  Both the willow and your body are made up of mostly water!

You can dowse for water, locate lost items, or explore your emotional makeup.  By learning to ask questions well, you will increase confidence in your own clarity.  My method uses 5 options (unlike the limited style using only yes or no) so the questioning process can be more specific while addressing more complex questions.

Whether you call it dowsing, divining, penduling or consulting you will learn about yourself, the relationship between your mind and body, mind and spirit, mind and matter plus explore the world of natural energy movement inside and outside your self.

When an old time dowser locates water with a willow fork or wand the willow pulls dramatically toward the water.  With experience they learn to determine depth, flow, and dependability.  You, too, will be able to fine-tune your experience with a pendulum or any other type of dowser.

STEP 1, loose body:  Hold the dowser by the chain or cord so that all 360 degrees of movement are equally available to the bob in its swinging motion.

With shoulders relaxed and elbow comfortably bent hold your hand directly in front of you, palm facing down.  Hold the dowser with the bob hanging down and the other part in the hand while the thumb and index finger gently grasp the chain, cord, or thread.  Be aware that you are asking your body to move the pendulum energetically and not stopping all energy movement with your mind.  I personally prefer to put the pointed or heavier end as the bob and the more sensual or lighter piece into my hand.  This is entirely up to you and is only a matter of preference.  After trying many objects you will arrive at your favorite weight, shape, color, or material.  Playing with many options will show you that the choice for the bob may be helpful or a hindrance to your type of questions or style.  It’s all in the feel so enjoy the feeling of your pendulum.

Your body will always resonate with the natural world.  This is your instinct.  Instinct is always on and your body always knows.  You may not be aware of them, but the instincts are always available to you through awareness.  All you have to do is ask and pay attention to your body and you have access to your instincts.  Instincts are primarily conveyed by emotion or movement – they are not generally thoughts, but more of a knowing portrayed by direct response.

STEP 2, YES (l):  Practice the feeling of and experience of YES. Say out loud, “My name is __________” or even simpler say “the coffee cup in my hand is blue”.  Use your real name or the actual color.  When your body says yes the energy expands, pushing the pendulum away from you.   The swing from close to you then away is a yes.

STEP 3, NO (–):  Practice the feeling of and experience of NO. Say out loud something obviously no, then watch your pendulum swing from left to right as your body makes a boundary with what is prompting the no.

STEP 4, INCOMING (from the top <):  Practice the feeling of and experience of contemplation, looking with openness for a message. When this is held in the body it will create a counter clockwise direction of motion.  Counter clockwise spin indicates that energy, thoughts, or movement is coming to you.  Usually tuning in and waiting with openness will give the awareness time to land and you will know what to ask, what is coming, or get the message in some way.

STEP 5, OUTGOING (from the top >):  Practice the feeling of and the experience of letting go, clearing, or moving away. This experience will move the pendulum in a clockwise direction.  If you wait for a bit whatever you are tuning into will complete its clearing and then you can move on.

STEP 6, STILL (.):  This totally still non-action will occur when there is interference or a blockage. It is difficult to practice so just know what it means if it ever happens to you.  Perhaps the mind is the interference because it is thinking too much or dominating the pendulum.  Perhaps you need a good cry before you can go on.  Or there may be some kind of spiritual or psychic interference or a person who is attempting to manipulate you with their ideas.  Usually the still pendulum will alert you to the fact and just your awareness will shift the circumstances.  If you are dowsing water is probably means that’s where the line is blocked and needs to be opened.

Never underestimate the power of natural systems or the power of a clear mind.  By working with nature, using her natural systems and cultivating clarity, all things are possible.

The mind and voice are the communicators of your wisdom or spiritual connection.  Your mind is your own sovereign territory and must be educated and trained in order to stay on track working for you rather than causing you added problems.  Practicing with your pendulum is one way to strengthen the mind.  You are actually training it to allow the instincts to be communicated consciously.  You are also practicing the awareness of energy and unlimited possibilities.  Practice in telling yourself the truth internally will allow you to tell the truth to those around you.  Telling our selves the truth about our emotions, thoughts, knowing, and awareness breaks the cycles of dysfunctional codependency so rampant in our families and institutions.

Ultimately heaven and earth come together – your wisdom and your instincts work together to present the full YOU, in all your amazing individuality and eccentricity.

Good luck in your expanded awareness and feel free to call anytime you have questions or need feedback on your dowsing experiences.  Casey

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