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This is the latest note from my friend in Sweden and the reuniting of the masculine & feminine. Casey
Dear Friends,

In lieu of the The Tree of life Celebration I have written this pledge of Love please pass it on if you feel inclined.

Please join us on face book. The Tree of Life Celebration (Celebrating the reunification of the divine masculine and divine feminine… in to ONE)

Love and Gratitude



A pledge of Love


In May 2010 eight men of all walks of life, gathered in Småland, Sweden. This was to be a journey in to the Collective subconscious in an attempt to break down the walls of suppression that the false masculine has been holding over the divine feminine for the last 5000 years.

We went through a process of accountability and responsibility both for our personal and our collective relationship to all feminine, including our own feminine within. We went deep in to every daily aspect… and to the darkest corners of history.

We then asked for Forgiveness. We asked for forgiveness, unconditionally, from the deepest part of our souls to all women and the divine feminine.

When I came home, I asked for forgiveness from my wife and best friend… I now, revere her intuition, see her love and hear her voice.

A shift in the Underworld had clearly taken place. I have in the months since, held circle’s directly in front of women, going through the process of accountability and responsibility… asking for forgiveness. It has been the most powerful work I have ever participated in. We are severing ties in the collective subconscious, ties we never thought could be broken. I am in deep, deep Gratitude to the Divine Feminine…


I am asking for forgiveness.

As a man and a representative for the masculine I want to take full responsibility and accountability for all that I, as an individual in this lifetime, in the conscious, sub conscious and all dimensions, has done to women and the feminine in disrespect to the divine.

I take full responsibility and accountability for my relationship and how I have treated, my mother, my sister’s, my grandmother’s, my wife, my daughter’s, my girlfriends, and all women I have ever come in contact with. I take responsibility for all known and unknown control I have used to keep the feminine energy down. I take responsibility for all disrespectful thoughts of women I have ever had. I take full responsibility for my violent acts on animal life, nature and mother earth.

I apologize and ask the divine feminine, all women, all feminine energy for forgiveness.

As a man and a representative of the collective masculine I take full responsibility for all violent acts that has ever taken place on the divine feminine. I take full responsibility for all violent acts, wars, rapes, torture in the name of man, that has ever taken place. I take responsibility for the massive suppression, manipulation and deception that has systematically been used and is used to keep the feminine down. As a representative of the collective masculine, I take full responsibility and accountability for the rape and violence on our divine mother earth.

As a representative of the collective masculine I ask all women and the divine feminine for forgiveness. I ask for forgiveness from the deepest part of the collective masculine soul.

I am so, so sorry! We are so, so sorry!


My Pledge of Love

This is A pledge of worship, support and love to the Divine Feminine, femininity and all women. You are the power of Creation. I am here to revere, love and support you. I am the water that the plant needs in order to grow. This is my role as a representation of the true Masculine. You are revered, loved and supported from the true Masculine as we are once again ONE.


Petter Barve

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This letter came to me from my friend in Sweden.  I thought it was a great idea that matched the astrology in many ways.  Read the next post to see the update. Casey

Dear friends,

I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you all, but foremost the women for the support during Sundays event. It was an unbelievable healing process and went far beyond expectations. Words do not really suffice nor explain the gratitude we feel. I will here give you some personal highlights of how I experienced the weekend.
Most of us came in on Friday night and a couple joined first thing Saturday morning. We where eight men in the circle which is the number I had in secret asked for.
As we started we found it uncomfortable to go into a process without a clear structure or direction. The structure and direction of course a masculine phenomena.  Our intent was to let the unknown leaderless feminine magic lead. After a few hours we broke in to it. Magical it was. One by one we had our moments just exactly when we where supposed to.
In the evening that first day after going through the collective pain channel, we planted a cherry blossom tree in honor of the feminine. Some joined in a wood fire sauna and others cooked the supper. We all trotted off to bed close to midnight.
We gathered around 9 on Sunday morning and started setting the intentions, of asking for forgiveness. For me this was the most powerful part. We asked for forgiveness for personal and collective events covering every hidden corner of our souls. The whole thing took over 3 hours from the very beginning to the end. One of the most remarkable things was that the presence of a ring of women around us was felt by all.
After some lunch we ended with everyone sharing visions, of where we all wanted to see things go next, but above all a proclamation of our and the collective unconditional LOVE for all WOMEN and all FEMININE.
We have come to a deeper understanding of masculinity and of femininity and are ready to take the next step to be real men in love, support and reverence of The Power Of Creation, The feminine.
Love and Thank you!

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The illusion of death must be conquered by every chironbaby.  The next 3 to 6 months will give you opportunities to practice what you know about personal resurrection. Physical death, emotional death, psychological death, death of friends and family, celebrities, the death of a way of life negated by growth, the death of an era, death of the Gulf of Mexico, be prepared to play your resurrection cards and support others in the throes.

Keep in mind that we can do this together much easier than alone.

Resurrection is a community affair.

Death’s illusion is a solitary endeavor!

It’s good to have half a clue how to get through these big energies.  Here are some really good ‘half a clues’.  Call me if you need more or if you need specifics for your astrology.

Cut your time at Death’s Door to a minimum so you can “pull out” in time to avoid going down with that Titanic sucking sound.  Supply your body with high frequency nutrition – lots of roots and veggies.  Give your kidneys pure water, they need lots of it to rinse off the karma.  Take yourself to the ocean and wash off with sea water or just do it in a bathtub with sea salt added to neutralize the big emotional fields we will be encountering.  Get into some kind of breathing practice or make up breathing games with yourself.  Bounce up and down any way you can – mini trampoline is best to strengthen your immune system and lymph system.

Death, as an illusion, carries a lot of weight in our collective consciousness.  Some say Christianity is a death cult.  Some say the nugget of truth has been obscured by collective manias throughout history.  Everyone agrees that religions have turned crazy in creating holy wars.  The concept of resurrection, defying death, upholds the quantum physics view that we are all energy and energy can’t be created or destroyed.

Energy has a lot of space in it. In that physical space of consciousness there’s a lot of room for thinking.  Thoughts, when open to a Bruce Lipton understanding of beliefs, hold the key to ‘going on the ride’ of death or thinking yourself into a joyful uplifting and broader overview of who you are and what you are doing pretending to go through yet another death.

While Chiron, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto are dancing the deep dark ominous tango of transformation it’s really significant what you think!  Thinking can make it so or magnify any experience.  So I suggest its time to reign in the blah blah blah and take yourself into a deeper inner truth telling so that you can access a clear mind to start some exciting creativity. Stop telling your old stories, save them for later when we’re sitting around the campfire talking about the time before 2012.  You won’t forget!

Instead use your mental time to support health, wealth, wisdom, and happiness – first for yourself and then out to the world.  Steven West, lymphologist, gave me this exercise and I love it.  It’s very helpful and can be used on a daily basis.

Since our neural activity will match visualization, send good thoughts to your body!  Start you day by tuning up your endocrine system.  Just write this list of glands and by the time you’ve written it – it is done.

#1.  Turn on Right and Left Brain in order to magnify positive thought waves.
#2.  Pineal Gland
#3.  Pituitary Gland (1 & 2 direct the entire endocrine system)
#4.  Thyroid and Parathyroid (metabolism)
#5.  Thymus Gland
#6.  Right and Left Adrenals
#7.  Pancreas
#8.  Reproductive Glands:  Ovaries/Uterus or Prostate/Testes

Creativity is the outplaying of resurrection – Co-creation to be precise.  The sooner you surrender into co-creation the easier the resurrection will be on your body.  That said we really can’t avoid it because as Chironbabies we came here to clean up this illusion and co-create a different hologram of shared reality. So create your own potency and choose not to ‘go on the ride’.  Each of us is doing our part to ‘lay it down easy’ as we dismantle that old paradigm of control, coercion, dominance, and staleness.

Beyond the BS, meet me in the field…

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Here is a beautiful message from Sharon McErlane, I hope you enjoy as much as I do:

Often I have wondered why, with a message as profound as theirs, more women do not step forward into leadership positions and spread the Grandmothers’ message. In the last week I journeyed to them twice on this subject. On the second journey I said, “Grandmothers, yesterday you showed me why more women don’t step forward to carry your message. “They lack belief in their own greatness,” you told me. I understand this,” I said, “but what do we do about it? So now I have another question for you. You see us as we really are and you see the world as it is. Given that, then tell us how we can believe in the greatness within ourselves, and go ahead and act on it.” The Grandmothers nodded as I spoke and smiled. They liked my question.

Immediately, before me appeared two female figures I had sculpted two months ago, figures depicting women from an earlier time in history. As I looked them over, the Grandmothers said, “You can’t look backward to find feminine role models.” “Yes, Grandmothers,” I said, “I know you are right.”

As soon as I said this, I became aware of a fire blazing in the space before me, and as I watched it, I felt heat rising up inside my body. And from this I understood that this fire is present inside each woman.“What you are experiencing is the fire of shakti,” the Grandmothers said, ” the elemental power of life.” ” It is in our body and in our spirit,” I thought and as I mulled this over, the Grandmothers stood by, watching. “Call on it,”“Call it up. This is the life force within you. Women hold the spirit of shakti. You carry life force. That’s why you carry babies. That’s why you have a well-spring of such great feeling within yourself and why more women than men are ‘spiritual.’ You carry pure life force. they said.

“Think of this force now,” they said. “Give yourself permission to feel it and become aware of it. Where in your body do you feel it?” they asked me. “It’s in the center of my body,” I responded, “running from my solar plexis on down.” And as I felt it, my body begin to rock, a rolling sort of movement. “This is where life comes from. You are the carriers of life,” they said, and turning to me, asked, “Don’t you realize what that means?” “I don’t think I do, Grandmothers,” I answered, stunned by my own ignorance. “I don’t think I do.” “You carry the fire of shakti inside yourself and through this you bring life into form. Without you, the world would end. You are the carriers of life,” they repeated, giving me a piercing look.

“Over time this truth became minimized and hidden. It’s import was trivialized, even institutionalized,” they said. “You have been lied to, dominated, and controlled,” they said, their eyes fierce, “treated as property. Many of you are still treated like that. You Are Shakti,” they held each word a long time and as they did, they rose to a great height–enormous women. “You are life force itself”“This is the truth.“, they said.

“You can trust the force that pulses in your veins, the force that moves within you and flows through your bloodstream. You carry life and you are worthy of deepest respect. Your part in the human drama on earth is great. You are utterly necessary.

“It’s time to own the truth of yourself,” they said, giving a small shake of their heads. “The lies you have been told about the nature of woman,” they paused and shook their heads. “Ridiculous,”they said and threw up their hands. “It’s time to dismiss all that. Feel the force of life within yourself,” they said again. “Place your awareness there. “This pulsing power of life came to you through your mother, through her mother and her mother and her mother and her mother before her. You are of the female line-the mothers of the earth,” they said. And looking me up and down, the Grandmothers again drew themselves to their full height and announced, “Mothers of the earth, step forward now. It is time. We are calling you.

“If,” they said, and paused for emphasis, “you are now ready to awaken from the Big Sleep that long ago overcame you, ready to claim your greatness, you must stop pretending you are not important, pretending you are ‘not very much.’ Instead call on this fire within. Call up the power of shakti until you feel it. It is real,” they said, secret smiles playing about their lips. “This power serves life. It is a blessing for everything. For too long it has been hidden, diminished and made to feel ashamed of itself, ashamed of its great, loving, giving beauty. “We’re calling women to power now,” the Grandmothers said, “calling for the good of everything that lives. It’s time to return to balance,” they said, heads nodding wisely, “and for this, women must lead.”

Wishing you all the very best,

Sharon McErlane
The Grandmothers
phone: 949 338 4691

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Whether its white male or black male, tall person, strong person or spiritual – most of us can find our own external experience of entitlement.  But it’s also the thing “we” “found” by our twenties in order to survive in the patriarchal, top down world of dominance and control.  Those of us who found our own keys to success mostly found the part of us that could dominate in some way because that’s what works in our outer world.

Early on I choose my ability to DO it as my entitlement, it was easier to just do things myself rather than collaborate. The family around me really hated that! Then later I perfected my mind through a metaphysical spiritual keyhole that few could follow me through.  That gave me the edge, something I could sell, that set me apart and gave me my own brand of entitlement! A spiritual entitlement that I taught to students so they could claim their own abilities, unlike in another era where we played it out as sorcery, using our mastery to take up the tools and abilities of others for our own advantage. Check it out, you probably took up a cultural entitlement unconsciously or made up one that suited your own default to mastery mechanisms to a tee.  Those default mechanisms mostly come from our past lives where we spent whole lifetimes perfecting some thread of reality that paid off with success in the local culture.

Each personal default to mastery zone must be remembered, reclaimed, and reconstituted for current collaborative co-creation.

Another mechanism of entitlement gets played out as some form of dominance on the playground in elementary school.  This one is the most dangerous to us culturally now – the one where the biggest, richest, prettiest, nastiest is still stuck in the schoolyard of reality.  The ones of us or the part of us that still lives here missed the primal scream of the sixties, the self help groups of the seventies, the flight from the dysfunctional codependency of the eighties, and even the backlash to all consciousness movements of the nineties.  So here we are in the new millennium’s second decade with our entitlement cathedral showing cracks in the glass slides.  This time we all have to dismantle the entitlement, even the ones born unquestionably into it.

The planet, the people, and the astrology, all require that we DROP IT AND GO.

Take up the collaborations willingly, gracefully and enthusiastically, because we can’t save ourselves individually anymore.  We can’t continue to work alone and get by because getting by isn’t enough.  In collaborations of creativity we can find grand resolutions instead of band-aid solutions.  In collaborations of co-creation we can become a new reality that includes and thrives on everyone’s participation and wellbeing, which in turn creates more collaborations of co-creation.  It’s a snowball rolling downhill benefiting everyone along the way.

“Glass slides?” you say.

It’s a brilliant system for monitoring the outer external effects of change.

Once when I toured the cathedral in York, England I saw these little glass microscope slides glued on the tower’s stonework a hundred feet off the ground in its tower.  It turns out that is the practical method of monitoring the majestic tower for potential settling and dangerous although infinitesimally small movements of change.  The glass slide is glued on either side of any tiny cracks so that even the tiniest change will break the glass slide.    The cracks were so small that I didn’t even register that they were under there when I saw the slides.

The irony of that tiny change threatening the strength and longevity of the colossal monument to a spiritual tradition of entitlement that claimed the resources from the people who both willingly and unwillingly contributed the resources of their reality to build it.

The thing about entitlement that doesn’t work is when it unconsciously precludes others from their rightful place in the mix.  The pattern, of course, that is really boring us today is the one from the genderly/racially unconscious masculine still stuck, no matter how subtle or needy, in dominance and control.  All of us can have our Masculine playing out the old tired patterns. They can be in white men, black men, brown men, yellow men, gay women, straight women, children and dogs!  Yes, I said dogs.  They resonate and respond to the masculine non-physically in the energy field and physically in their behavior.  If you have a dog, you know what it takes to be alpha and the bigger or more alpha the dog the more alpha you have to behave to stay in control and dominance.

This is why the Haitians will not play out some weird violence in their grief.  They aren’t stuck in our western, American, cultural entitlement of dominance or control.

When nature says its time to collaborate, the wise begin the co-creation.

It is my feeling that compassion and truth are activated by the profundity of humanity in need as in the experience of a major earthquake.  People of the truth respond with compassion and appropriate behavior unlike the old dominance and control, which would either be unable to respond or would behave in an opportunistic way.  The last entitlement hold-outs are still working the media for advantage since it might be the only thing they’ve got left to play.  Likely the Haitians are not getting the television messages from us.  They’ll do their own right thing.  And like Katrina the world’s wise and compassionate ones are already on their way to Haiti to help in any way they can with what they’ve got right now.  They know who they are and I bless them and send them my love as they begin a magnificent collaborative co-creation of life emerging from the ruble of mother nature’s demand for presence.

In case you need more information about how to be aware and demanding in the dissolution of the patterns of entitlement in your own life here is a little help.

A Profile of Entitlement:

– Verbal monologue-ing that is not interesting to the listener – and only mildly to the cultural anthropologist. Verbosity on the topic that defines the particular self appointed field of mastery in reference to the world of duality and polarization that puts the entitled on top.

– Repeatedly and often soliciting rave reviews and active recognition of this mastery and prowess.  Did you see that?  Did you like that?  I did that, That was me, It’s all about me, me, me, me, me.  Designed to reinforce the entitled’s position at the top of at least the listener’s field of reference.

– Diminishing the options of the perceived underlings in order to maintain the illusion that the entitled is still supreme in some regard.  Classic to this tenet is the abused wife cut off from family, friend’s and culture by having no car, violence if leaving the house or talking to others who threaten the dominance of the entitled person.

–  Needing to experience the world through one’s sexuality or verbalizations as the primary domination.  Loves football, dogs, and anything else that can be verbally controlled or physically won.  Ok I’d love to have this one not be true, my sister is a football maniac and she assures me that she is not entitled in any way but the truth is that these items do make up a large part of the pattern structure so it magnetizes the entitled ones into its field of play.

On this idea, the pattern of entitlement reaches is cliché.  It’s a good place for me to get back to the subtlety of it because we all have to personally unravel by UN CHOOSING our own entitlement behaviors.  For most women and some men, it is now time to create our own authentic field of respect and EXPECT-ation.

It’s time for us to expect to be treated with respect, expect reverence for the feminine, expect protection for the earth and her natural creatures, expect to be abundant, expect to be included in the flow of life, expect to have our creativity recognized, and expect to collaborate wildly and successfully as we co-create a grand resolution for ourselves, our communities, our families of choice, and our meaningful relationships.

Happy eclipse season and may all your created entitlements dissolve into authentic birthrights.

Collaborative Co-Creation is our next step into abundant health, wealth, happiness, and wisdom.

Whether you are back stage, on stage, in the audience, or at your computer, I honor your part in our collaboration to co-create a new reality.

Casey Wood, 310-430-9283



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Palm Greens, A feature film
Casey Wood 310-430-9283 or PalmSpringsGreen@yahoo.com

A Proposal for purchasing and very quickly “greening” a small hotel in Palm Springs while creating a feature film to make it successful thereby, creating a more visible and viable GREEN Movement of Palm Springs.
Support Palm Greens Cafe! Enjoy local healthy food and network in your conscious community.

Our feature film is about a small hotel being “saved” by quickly transforming it into the city’s poster child for sustainability and green business. We plan to actually carry out the purchase, the transformation of the hotel, and becoming the Palm Springs poster child for Sustainability for real as we shoot the film. The finished feature film will be entered into film festivals worldwide for publicity and promotion of our hotel accommodations, green concepts, sustainability methods and of course, Palm Springs itself. The film includes a variety of Palm Springs locations, people, local celebrities and will be a tremendous advocate for the local culture and a draw for a new type of tourism. We hope to create a new side of Palm Springs to entice a wider variety of visitors to the city.

Think Sideways – only right side up! Using the film Sideways as a model we will allow the film to be a blatant showcase of the new green Palm Springs. Much of the film’s action occurs in the restaurant Palm Greens and other green or sustainable conscious businesses around town. I am open to including anyone who can prove to me they are in a new paradigm that is earth-friendly and supporting humanity’s wellbeing. Primarily I am interested in those who are willing to go all the way with me, fearlessly creating a new model of hope and prosperity that is based on strong values and valuing. Call me if you want to discuss this or have ideas worth including.

We have an excellent script and a crew with high-level Hollywood credits. The core of our business model is spiritually and practically sound, radiating out into the community with appropriate values and community enhancement. We expect this project to be more than a win/win for all involved, we expect it to be magic!

Our preference is to purchase The El Rancho Lodge, which was built in 1951 by Ed Castle, character actor in dozens of Hollywood movies of the era. He brought many a star to Castle’s Red Barn for vacation and movie screenings in his sunken living room. Guests have been coming through 5 or more changes in ownership. Currently most of the guests are retirees from Canada, US, and abroad as well as a few younger folks with children. Without exception guests who come for the first time fall in love with the ambiance and make reservations for the future, encouraging their friends to come as well. By greening the hotel we expect to maintain current guests, add a younger and green clientele plus cut monthly expenses by at least 10% and possibly up to 60%. The rapid success of the (green) Ace Hotel across the street is very exciting and promises to help create a “green” area of town.

The feature film Palm Greens, will serve as a how-to lesson on turning fortunes around for business owners stressed by current economic trends, a marketing device for the City of Palm Springs, a rallying point for an emerging local green movement, and potentially a draw for new businesses. I expect to attract individuals, groups, and families who are interested in earth restoration and heart focused experiences. The film models human behavior that is advantageous to a healthy, happy life, including nutritional, emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental techniques for restoring wellbeing. I expect this to be a draw for retirees and other health conscious folks moving to Palm Springs. Locals in these fields will be included in the film as well.

Palm Greens can be marketed to cities, businesses, online networking, or through a distributor. I think underground marketing through social networks online will be very successful. There are new methods of film distribution that are emerging so we will be open to following the latest successes and also developing our own online distribution methods following the threads of our demographic’s interests.

The premise of Palm Greens is that “greening and economic sustainability” are not expensive unattainable goals – rather that doing the “right” thing is more fun, simpler, cheaper, and faster. Plus eccentricity makes publicity! Palm Greens models a new relationship with native/indigenous people, that allows historical and spiritual wisdom to lead in the restoration of earth systems while replacing old wounds with fresh possibilities for interaction. We also show that the new green “earth conscious” reality already exists by featuring the businesses and individuals that are already living this way. The new sustainable model will work better and be more economically viable when more of us are doing it. The numbers will be the success and the attraction.

Our first steps happen very quickly and relatively simply:
• Provide a bicycle blender with organic fresh fruit for guests to make their own smoothies. Each hotel room will have its own container with the mechanism available to all.
• Used bicycles stored on an Art Bike Rack available for guests to use, helmets and other needs supplied.
• Solar ovens available for guests to use in the back courtyard with the barbeque.
• Hydroponic gardens in the back courtyard and along length of property.
• Pool and Room Hot Water Heaters using solar.
• Water Filtration system for drinking and cooking water.
• Begin using back of hotel as production studio/workshop for Independent Films

The second phase involves more elaborate and technical systems:
• New windows rated for efficiency and practicality for desert
• New roof with sustainable and green properties
• Enhanced insulation of walls and ceilings
• Room cooling and heating using alternative energy
• Generating our own electricity with wind and solar
• Clean air with ozone and ionization features

The third stage of the greening focuses on educational presentation for guests and public:
• 2 health support rooms for bodywork, counseling, private meditation
• Classroom for sustainable and green educational opportunities for public and guests
• Screening Room for showing green and health films as well as “indies” and classics
• Shared community kitchen for learning raw, slow, and vegetarian cooking
• Green appliances for cooking, laundry, personal hygiene, and other uses
• Green libraries for DVD, Books, and Appliances to be checked out by guests

The final cog in our green wheel is a fantastic website with extensive information and networking of the project and its features, challenging and reporting on others who are going green and sustainable. We plan to use this website to network all local businesses who are participating in the film and together create sales of merchandise, technology, and services.

At every step and for every component in the film we expect to be in partnership with the companies and individuals who are perfecting and living in new green and sustainable ways. These partners will be featured on the website and given high visibility at any public screening as well as film credits for their participation. Our goal is to make this process attractive to the masses, affordable, and easy – creating business for all who work with us to create Viva Verde from the old El Rancho Lodge – modeling a new kind of abundance that comes from a sharing community.

Let’s reinvent Palm Springs, as a leader in the movement to be earth restorative and sustainable.
Here’s to Palm Greens. Viva Verde!

Call Casey Wood, 310-430-9283 if you:
would like to finance this film
have a business to include
have ideas to consider
have contacts to share
would like to be involved as crew or talent
Please call me if you are interested in being my partner in greening properties in Palm Springs.

Toward creating the Local Green Network and Movement
On a larger scale I am inviting investors who will be courageous enough to play! There are over 90 empty business locations on Palm Canyon Drive! Let’s transform all the old dead small hotels in Palm Springs to “green” and find houses with green-able potentials to do the sustainable green turn around. We plan to create a TV series to show how it can be done and explore the possibilities in detail, thrift or extravagance. Imagine Palm Springs Mall as one really Great retail location for a seed community of green businesses including appliances, beds, bedding, a water store, clothing, a used bicycle center, and information center to name a few.

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Toward 2012 by Casey Wood (written late 2007)

310-430-9283, www.chironbabies.com

2007 is preparatory for humanity and planet earth to take the quantum leap enmasse during 2008.  To the extent we are prepared (and in love with ourselves and the earth) we can manifest the “painless” paradigm shift beginning around 1/25/08, when Pluto moves to zero degrees Capricorn.  Lots of folks have already done it and are standing by as sacred witnesses, mentors, and role models.  However, the overall “painlessness” is entirely dependent on having enough humans in the “right place” during this right time.  By right place I mean their correct home base on the ground – organic gardens and greenhouses and also their internal “right” – right with themselves, with God, with fellow human, with all aspects of Self.

This window of opportunity (much of 2008) is a free space on the game board of earth. A quantum reset button. Reboot option.  Just don’t close your eyes!  And DO NOT BACK UP!!  Its time to stay awake, play at the top of your game, and don’t sit out, the stakes are high and we’re playing for control of this planet by the Love Team.  (Every human being a member of this team.)  The “other” team does not care about humans or this planet except as it provides the fuel for their needs.  One of the confusing things here is that there are at least three teams, and that third team has been capitalizing on our assumption of two teams for just about as long as there’s been a serpent.

Love, by the way is a very advanced albeit natural technology, wanted by every joker and rook in this and other universes that didn’t come by it naturally.  A lot of games and wars are orchestrated around this fact – you’ve been watching them on American TV for about 4 decades.  Mid twentieth century, the missing understanding was not only quantum physics but the metaphysical as well.  Over those same 4 decades the old mystery school curriculum has been made available to all areas the globe.  And quantum physics is a household word.  Now we’re putting the package together!  If we can reach critical numbers in the “awake” column we keep the makeover from being completely unbearable.

During this cosmically ‘short’ window (2008) the new thing will just happen.  Our community, communications, and ability to hold the field for at least 3 months is the key to the level of stability staged and foundational for the next 4 years.  In other words if we can create our dream and hold it in consciousness strongly, unequivocally, plus  emotionally and mentally neutral, (that is passionately but not defiantly) then we will minimize the trauma.  We are in a mess, we can’t make it go away but we can work together to accomplish the Love we are here to experience.

When I was in art school one of my photography instructors was a surrealist who had lived and photographed during WWII.  He talked about the passionate lives and the passionate relationships, the great art and the powerful messages conveyed.   And he said if he could choose he would live like that again.  It was that rich and meaningful.

We need to generate powerful meaning, passionate communication and creative community in spite of the world and in the world around us.  These are intense times and the possibilities are magnificent for the creative and passionate souls.  If you’re reading this you would be one of them!  Enjoy the ride and be passionate about it.

2007 and our experience of “Other”. (Written fall 2006)

Juno is the asteroid indicating how we want to be seen in relationship and how we see our partners in relationship, what we deem important to relating, and our style of relating.  From October 2006 to September 9, 2007 she is in Libra, sign of the feminine mind, the body/mind, the physically receptive mind.  In this sign we relate body to body, physically communicating without ever saying a word.  In fact saying more with our closeness than words or mind can figure out.

This time period is a fire walk unraveling the merging boundary issues of violence and addiction at its most base energetic through codependency issues of psychology on into quantum subtleties of Bodhisatvic conundrums of existential proportion.  These are all levels of our experience of one another’s body/mind. The Libra feminine body mind exiled perhaps since Atlantis, maybe earlier.

We are collectively and individually practicing through 2007 in order to learn how to stay open during extreme neurological/electrical bombardment of the physical and multidimensional realities on our yin/receptive natures.  Perfecting our feminine ability to stay open in extreme yang experiences.

The collective we is also practicing in order to fully learn how to deal with maximum exposure of the electromagnetic/emotional body in all its multidimensional presentations without diverting our attention from Self-Love.  Perfecting our masculine ability to stay strong in extreme yin experiences.

This is also probably the ‘three days of darkness”, “the zero point”, “the time to close the curtains of the pueblo and stay inside”.  We’re there folks, this is the moment and you’ve still got time to drop your baggage in order to be the planetary solution you were incarnated to BE.

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