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This is only a brief description of a few asteroids.  Use what you know of the mythology of these characters to expand and enhance your understanding of their placement in you natal chart.

The Feminine

Pallas Athene knows a better, more efficient way of doing everything.  She is the most yang of all the feminine qualities.  She gets things accomplished.  She has a tendency to want to do it all herself because no one else is competent.  Watch out for resentment smoldering if she takes over.

Ceres holds the knowledge of healthy mothering but may also show you where you have a tendency too over mother or where you allow others to come to you for safety and sustenance when they need to develop themselves.  Cover you chest!

Juno is your capacity for receptivity and commitment in relationship.  Her qualities range from the hysterical jealous wife to the wife gently, lovingly and elaborately nurturing the mate’s unfolding spirituality.  She represents your currency of relating or how you are most connected to your significant other.

Vesta indicates how you truly do intend to be of service to the collective, without sacrificing anything.  Here you must be able to make clear choices about how to “spend” your wealth, especially sexually.  You can have sex with someone to heal them but only if you enjoy it and are clearly empowering yourself.  Be full and overflow to stay healthy.  Watch out for giving it away, fixing it, or doing it yourself for them.

Diana will show you where the feeling of protection is offered to you.  She often appears in the chart in a place where you need to be reassured that your spirit is protecting you in spite of what you may feel.

Sexuality, Passion & Choice

Eros is committed to keeping erotic passion alive even if it means showing up after dark, not telling his name, and leaving before dawn.  There is more though, if you want to risk everything to explore.

Sappho wants you to express your most passionate sensuality in this area.  Whether its poetry, dance, whispered sweet somethings, or just leaving the lights on, let your passion be expressed!  This is one of your strongest connections to your body/earth self.

Lancelot is a complex male character holding simple feminine or yin values.  If you chose to love more than one make sure they are Kings & Queens so that you are exploring the triangulation of both inner and outer realms of sex, power, and love: not just experiencing the old news of the lover’s triangle.  If you have high inner standards and reflect integrity, you will be seen as everyone’s knight in shining armor in this area of your chart.  Balance your inner genders and don’t get drawn into the old energy picture of needing others to increase your sexuality or your power.  Also plays out as a need for three to triangulate based on house and sign in your chart.

Lilith stands alone as an autonomous sexual being.  She chose to leave the Garden rather than be submissive or subservient in any way.  She still carries some scariness from the distortion of her image during the Piscean Age so don’t be surprised if you express her qualities and people run away.  This strong woman is still misunderstood.  She is the part of you that never participated in patriarchy in any way and the part of you capable of a NON co-dependent relationship.

Visionaries & The Misunderstood Truth

Kassandra was given complete foreknowing by Apollo until she said no to sex.  At this point he made everyone disbelieve her, even though she knew exactly how to prevent the destruction of Troy.  Everyone around told her she was crazy and eventually they convinced her.  For us however, Kassandra has three phases.  First you will disbelieve yourself, perhaps even buying the idea that you are crazy.  Later you will have the strength to hold your ground even though no one believes a word you say.  Finally, when others have their own inner truth detectors on, they will understand what a wealth of preventative information you actually possess in this area of life.

Icarus in his flight, actually carries out something others barely dream of doing, or haven’t the courage to attempt.  This is the portion of “Humanity’s Dream” which you have chosen to personally embody.  Perhaps you inherited this ability from a parent or past life and must come to understand just what everyone else doesn’t have that you possess effortlessly.

Godiva points to the area of life where you must “get naked” and stand for something, even though the opposite side of your chart feels like a nice warm safe castle.  It’s the place where you really can make a difference by showing up or exposing your Self.  She rode naked through Victorian England when her husband the Duke refused to lower the taxes at her insistence.

Pandora will open the box.  If you are in fear, you will experience the evils of the world and learn to have hope.  If you are curious you will clear and resolve anything that is keeping you out of power.  Pandora must be in a place of curiosity and trust before you can experience change in your life.  Her placement in your chart will also be the place in you that frightens others or lights up their curiosity.  Once Pandora is “on”, this is the place where you will scare others.

Amor is a big picture of unconditional Love, but can send you into a rage or violence if not reciprocated, understood, or received.  It can also show where jealously and violence may appear in your life.  It is the place where your spirit-heart is the most exposed and tender.  Very subtle razor’s edge, the most subtle experience of violence in your being.

The Nature of Power

Hidalgo is your inherent power, no need to work at it or puff yourself up, it’s obvious to everyone that you are to be respected and placed in positions of authority.

Attilla requires that you take every step but assures that you will reach the pinnacle of power after the appropriate steps have been taken.  Claim and occupy the territory of your personal growth.  Even though you see the big picture up front you can not skip any steps.  How frustrating!  But no one said that had to mean slow.

Toro will be the bull in the china cabinet if you try to keep this power in a small world.  If you let it play in a big field Toro will be quite a symbol of virility, fecundity, and definitely more power than most would consider challenging.  Toro will “power up” anything it is next to in your chart and send anything near it into destruction if contained.  Think big in this area or eat on paper plates.  This is the place where you must recognize yourself as a globally significant player.

Pele shows how and where in your life to tap into the fire in the core of the earth.  The volcano Goddess can pack quite a temper or communicate that which is absolutely unquestionable with the power of the earth backing her up for emphasis.

Arthur. As in King.  He brought/brings all the kingdoms together and represents a unification principle.

Merlin. Spiritual-physical, masculine-feminine, past-future.  He knows the world of opposites and uses this understanding to create the magic!

Guinevere. “ First Lady” as the patriarchy took over reality.  Plays out as her using her power in a small personal way instead of royally.  Or in that even though she HAD power she didn’t want it.  This is where we are reticent to come forward and use the huge power we have at our disposal.  Trust yourself and start ruling your world, commanding like a queen.

The Mind & Values

Urania enhances creative mental powers and synthesizes instantaneously the grand resolution.  E=mc.  The networking of your being, through the mind, solving by being an energy hub.  The wisdom of consciously choosing indicated by house and sign placement.

Psyche is susceptible to the thoughts and beliefs of those around her, giving them the power to blow her scene.  However, it is this openness, which also forced her to value what she lost and rise to a higher level of experience with Eros.  Her seeming denial of his needs also pushed him past his boundary to a greater experience of love as well.  She’s the one hearing voices.

Midas knows what is truly of value.

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