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Three eclipses, 6 weeks of focused energetic mystery, and the Sun in tender Cancer.  Aquarians seem to be slowing down to notice their bodies, Librans seem to be noticing themselves, and Aries might be valuing themselves a little deeper.  Everyone else but Scorpio seems to be surfing the bumps and downgrades successfully with some turbulence.  Scorpio just can’t seem to let the deep dive come up – still struggling to go all the way, refusing to miss anything importantly passionately painful.

Scorpio, beloved Scorpio, come up for some air.

We need your passionate, deep, rich, experience of the magnitude of humanness to point the way toward joy, a passionate creation of the new realities and an explosive tantra of sublime stillness.

Do that . . .

then call me for dinner and spend the night.

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The eclipse season is on coast and now its just time to DO what we know. The last eclipse in Aquarius gave us a kick in the butt to do it now but it was at 13 degrees so we’re not really confident in what we’re doing. Maybe that’s a good thing, so we learn to follow guidance and collaborate. I feel that the pisces full moon also in the middle of the sign is also asking us to be aware of the “energy patterns” that we are allowing, seeking, and desiring. Get it right and the ignition is powerful. Everyone I know has a great project that is seeking funding, even the funders are seeking funding to generate funding. The 9-9-09 emails ask us to focus on transforming the money and currency energetic to be more pro earth and love. I’m all for it – and by the way, each of us can “turn on the faucet” for someone who has just a little less that we do. So cultivate being a philanthropist, no matter what rung of the economic ladder you usually dwell on. Stop dwelling and start giving a leg up to anyone who wants to go up the ladder with you. Don’t overlook the fact that we are all in this together. Numbers are significant now and every chironbaby tends to want to do it alone for simplicity or clarity. We all have to start trusting that the other person has also done their homework and its time to collaborate unabashedly. Go, Go, Go.

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