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The illusion of death must be conquered by every chironbaby.  The next 3 to 6 months will give you opportunities to practice what you know about personal resurrection. Physical death, emotional death, psychological death, death of friends and family, celebrities, the death of a way of life negated by growth, the death of an era, death of the Gulf of Mexico, be prepared to play your resurrection cards and support others in the throes.

Keep in mind that we can do this together much easier than alone.

Resurrection is a community affair.

Death’s illusion is a solitary endeavor!

It’s good to have half a clue how to get through these big energies.  Here are some really good ‘half a clues’.  Call me if you need more or if you need specifics for your astrology.

Cut your time at Death’s Door to a minimum so you can “pull out” in time to avoid going down with that Titanic sucking sound.  Supply your body with high frequency nutrition – lots of roots and veggies.  Give your kidneys pure water, they need lots of it to rinse off the karma.  Take yourself to the ocean and wash off with sea water or just do it in a bathtub with sea salt added to neutralize the big emotional fields we will be encountering.  Get into some kind of breathing practice or make up breathing games with yourself.  Bounce up and down any way you can – mini trampoline is best to strengthen your immune system and lymph system.

Death, as an illusion, carries a lot of weight in our collective consciousness.  Some say Christianity is a death cult.  Some say the nugget of truth has been obscured by collective manias throughout history.  Everyone agrees that religions have turned crazy in creating holy wars.  The concept of resurrection, defying death, upholds the quantum physics view that we are all energy and energy can’t be created or destroyed.

Energy has a lot of space in it. In that physical space of consciousness there’s a lot of room for thinking.  Thoughts, when open to a Bruce Lipton understanding of beliefs, hold the key to ‘going on the ride’ of death or thinking yourself into a joyful uplifting and broader overview of who you are and what you are doing pretending to go through yet another death.

While Chiron, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto are dancing the deep dark ominous tango of transformation it’s really significant what you think!  Thinking can make it so or magnify any experience.  So I suggest its time to reign in the blah blah blah and take yourself into a deeper inner truth telling so that you can access a clear mind to start some exciting creativity. Stop telling your old stories, save them for later when we’re sitting around the campfire talking about the time before 2012.  You won’t forget!

Instead use your mental time to support health, wealth, wisdom, and happiness – first for yourself and then out to the world.  Steven West, lymphologist, gave me this exercise and I love it.  It’s very helpful and can be used on a daily basis.

Since our neural activity will match visualization, send good thoughts to your body!  Start you day by tuning up your endocrine system.  Just write this list of glands and by the time you’ve written it – it is done.

#1.  Turn on Right and Left Brain in order to magnify positive thought waves.
#2.  Pineal Gland
#3.  Pituitary Gland (1 & 2 direct the entire endocrine system)
#4.  Thyroid and Parathyroid (metabolism)
#5.  Thymus Gland
#6.  Right and Left Adrenals
#7.  Pancreas
#8.  Reproductive Glands:  Ovaries/Uterus or Prostate/Testes

Creativity is the outplaying of resurrection – Co-creation to be precise.  The sooner you surrender into co-creation the easier the resurrection will be on your body.  That said we really can’t avoid it because as Chironbabies we came here to clean up this illusion and co-create a different hologram of shared reality. So create your own potency and choose not to ‘go on the ride’.  Each of us is doing our part to ‘lay it down easy’ as we dismantle that old paradigm of control, coercion, dominance, and staleness.

Beyond the BS, meet me in the field…

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The dates for the Saturn-Uranus oppositions are as follows:

  1. 4th November 2008 (19 degrees Virgo-Pisces)
  2. 5th February 2009 (21 degrees Virgo-Pisces)
  3. 15th September 2009 (25 degrees Virgo-Pisces) with Pluto at 0 degree Capricorn, forming a t-square
  4. 27th April 2010 (29 degrees Virgo-Pisces) with Pluto at 5 Capricorn retrograde, still in orb for a t-square
  5. 26th July 2010 (0 degree of Aries-Libra, the Aries Point) with Pluto at 3 Capricorn retrograde, forming the ‘Cardinal Climax’

I see this as the dissolution/opening of the hardened/crystallized warrior archetypes and enlightenment archetypes.  Allowing farmers, feelers, and knowers simple living without having to face off with the external world.  And of course this means lots of inner work for anyone who wants it.   hahaha hohoho lol.   C

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I can’t decide if Pluto on my Sun/Mercury conjunction renders me an expert on this Pluto transit or incapacitated by it. I do feel that any discussion about Pluto is speculation, we just can’t know what the evolution was until later. Keep that in mind while you struggle against the deep urge for change, the deep longing for community, the subterranean need for a real soul centered job, or the crisis of movement – I mean I’ve really got to go now. I find that if I keep moving along I get a free day on the gameboard of life with no aches or pains, no worries – feeling like I’m in the right spot and its all working. I keep my desire to accomplish something at bay by being earth focused and in the moment. . . .Surrendering my yang “wanting to be needed” part as I tell myself that I am operating on a global service level that is real and meaningful. I know that both my identity (Sun 0 Cap) and the earth will be fine in a while however dramatically changed we are by Pluto’s move into Capricorn. Bedrock is moving under our feet and there is precious little we can do to prevent it and historically plenty we can do to support it into restoration of earth and our collective humanitarian sanity. It really is time for all of us to Do and Be what we came here to Do and Be. Everyone has a leadership role on something you are passionately sure about, no matter how fleeting! Find your tribe and get ’em going!

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The eclipse season is on coast and now its just time to DO what we know. The last eclipse in Aquarius gave us a kick in the butt to do it now but it was at 13 degrees so we’re not really confident in what we’re doing. Maybe that’s a good thing, so we learn to follow guidance and collaborate. I feel that the pisces full moon also in the middle of the sign is also asking us to be aware of the “energy patterns” that we are allowing, seeking, and desiring. Get it right and the ignition is powerful. Everyone I know has a great project that is seeking funding, even the funders are seeking funding to generate funding. The 9-9-09 emails ask us to focus on transforming the money and currency energetic to be more pro earth and love. I’m all for it – and by the way, each of us can “turn on the faucet” for someone who has just a little less that we do. So cultivate being a philanthropist, no matter what rung of the economic ladder you usually dwell on. Stop dwelling and start giving a leg up to anyone who wants to go up the ladder with you. Don’t overlook the fact that we are all in this together. Numbers are significant now and every chironbaby tends to want to do it alone for simplicity or clarity. We all have to start trusting that the other person has also done their homework and its time to collaborate unabashedly. Go, Go, Go.

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Toward 2012 by Casey Wood (written late 2007)

310-430-9283, www.chironbabies.com

2007 is preparatory for humanity and planet earth to take the quantum leap enmasse during 2008.  To the extent we are prepared (and in love with ourselves and the earth) we can manifest the “painless” paradigm shift beginning around 1/25/08, when Pluto moves to zero degrees Capricorn.  Lots of folks have already done it and are standing by as sacred witnesses, mentors, and role models.  However, the overall “painlessness” is entirely dependent on having enough humans in the “right place” during this right time.  By right place I mean their correct home base on the ground – organic gardens and greenhouses and also their internal “right” – right with themselves, with God, with fellow human, with all aspects of Self.

This window of opportunity (much of 2008) is a free space on the game board of earth. A quantum reset button. Reboot option.  Just don’t close your eyes!  And DO NOT BACK UP!!  Its time to stay awake, play at the top of your game, and don’t sit out, the stakes are high and we’re playing for control of this planet by the Love Team.  (Every human being a member of this team.)  The “other” team does not care about humans or this planet except as it provides the fuel for their needs.  One of the confusing things here is that there are at least three teams, and that third team has been capitalizing on our assumption of two teams for just about as long as there’s been a serpent.

Love, by the way is a very advanced albeit natural technology, wanted by every joker and rook in this and other universes that didn’t come by it naturally.  A lot of games and wars are orchestrated around this fact – you’ve been watching them on American TV for about 4 decades.  Mid twentieth century, the missing understanding was not only quantum physics but the metaphysical as well.  Over those same 4 decades the old mystery school curriculum has been made available to all areas the globe.  And quantum physics is a household word.  Now we’re putting the package together!  If we can reach critical numbers in the “awake” column we keep the makeover from being completely unbearable.

During this cosmically ‘short’ window (2008) the new thing will just happen.  Our community, communications, and ability to hold the field for at least 3 months is the key to the level of stability staged and foundational for the next 4 years.  In other words if we can create our dream and hold it in consciousness strongly, unequivocally, plus  emotionally and mentally neutral, (that is passionately but not defiantly) then we will minimize the trauma.  We are in a mess, we can’t make it go away but we can work together to accomplish the Love we are here to experience.

When I was in art school one of my photography instructors was a surrealist who had lived and photographed during WWII.  He talked about the passionate lives and the passionate relationships, the great art and the powerful messages conveyed.   And he said if he could choose he would live like that again.  It was that rich and meaningful.

We need to generate powerful meaning, passionate communication and creative community in spite of the world and in the world around us.  These are intense times and the possibilities are magnificent for the creative and passionate souls.  If you’re reading this you would be one of them!  Enjoy the ride and be passionate about it.

2007 and our experience of “Other”. (Written fall 2006)

Juno is the asteroid indicating how we want to be seen in relationship and how we see our partners in relationship, what we deem important to relating, and our style of relating.  From October 2006 to September 9, 2007 she is in Libra, sign of the feminine mind, the body/mind, the physically receptive mind.  In this sign we relate body to body, physically communicating without ever saying a word.  In fact saying more with our closeness than words or mind can figure out.

This time period is a fire walk unraveling the merging boundary issues of violence and addiction at its most base energetic through codependency issues of psychology on into quantum subtleties of Bodhisatvic conundrums of existential proportion.  These are all levels of our experience of one another’s body/mind. The Libra feminine body mind exiled perhaps since Atlantis, maybe earlier.

We are collectively and individually practicing through 2007 in order to learn how to stay open during extreme neurological/electrical bombardment of the physical and multidimensional realities on our yin/receptive natures.  Perfecting our feminine ability to stay open in extreme yang experiences.

The collective we is also practicing in order to fully learn how to deal with maximum exposure of the electromagnetic/emotional body in all its multidimensional presentations without diverting our attention from Self-Love.  Perfecting our masculine ability to stay strong in extreme yin experiences.

This is also probably the ‘three days of darkness”, “the zero point”, “the time to close the curtains of the pueblo and stay inside”.  We’re there folks, this is the moment and you’ve still got time to drop your baggage in order to be the planetary solution you were incarnated to BE.

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We rarely say the word greed.  It’s such an old fashioned idea.  We use greed when we talk about corporate finance or the banking industry but when was the last time you heard someone mention an individual as greedy.  Somehow we have corporatized the term, relaxed away from its personal nature.  And yet behind every greedy corporation isn’t there one greedy person or an unconsciously greedy board of directors?

I’ve been thinking a lot about abundance and wealth during my lifetime.  Since there usually seemed to be a shortage of cash, it worked out in a very practical manner for me to put more thought power into an idea of abundance that was separate and different from financial wealth.  I counted my blessings, tried not to put my pearls in the wrong place, kept my needles for sewing and worked out some other protestant pitfalls on the road to viable income and expense spreadsheets.

A love of numbers led me through an aborted math career, a default to bookkeeping career, and eventually into numerology and back around to sacred geometry and mathematics again.  By this time the numbers were totally new to me and now they’ve grown into a theory of co-creation and abundance.  What follows is my own idea about how to restore the birthright of natural overflowing abundance into every project and every pocket.

As we move into a renewed future, under blackberry leadership with handheld devices for all, it is truly our relationships that represent the foundation and the backbone of our abundance.  How many friends I have on Facebook just isn’t enough to make my world successful and abundant.  It really matters that I create and maintain deep, safe, communicative, lasting friendships that can weather a lot of truth telling as well as a few moments of total unconscionable denial.

In the universal law of as above – so below everything in the micro matches the macro, everything in my inner world matches the patterns and energy signatures of the outer world.  And all of those pairs can be read inside out as well.  That’s a really fantastic tool for analysis and understanding of just about anything that can happen in a crazy Los Angeles lifestyle.  In my searches for meaning and my exploration of “above”s and “below”s, I see the patterns that inform my beliefs and values for creating a community, a family constellation that can withstand the rigors of creation.  And I mean a wild ass creativity that makes new films, and performances, and homes, and great dinners together.

In order to live in the world at my highest level of healthy, functional creativity I’ve had to choose to first create inside myself a highly competent Analyst and Strategist, a totally detached calm Mother, a Shaman extraordinaire, the clarity of an Oracle, the wisdom of an old Master, a great Comedian, and a superlative to match all my own inner qualities.  Every inner aspect of Self had to be experienced consciously, i.e. with awareness, in order to ferret out the shadow, my fears, perceived inadequacies, and especially the wonder that is Me.  We all have to do it.  It’s the reason to be alive:  KNOW THYSELF.  The group’s creativity will bloom and broadcast to the same extent that each one of a group has explored Self-Mastery.  Without conscious attention each pair relationship can only rise to the lowest level of Self Mastery between the two.  If however, you add an awareness to keeping the bar high and supportive truth telling it’s a very different story.  Our inner attention and un-spun emotional honesty allows for a beautiful resonant field of co-creativity to begin to build around us.  The more we link up with fellow travelers on the journey of creativity who have achieved their own Self-Mastery the larger the resonant field becomes.  “Critical mass” and “the hundredth monkey” are ways that this concept began creeping into the cultural awareness.  Now its time to take the whole idea over the top and into our bedrooms!

So what I know now, after being part of a lot of groups and ventures (that sometimes partially succeeded) is that any abundance has to start with two people developing enough trust that the relationship can withstand anything.  I mean anything can come at those two Self-Masters and absolutely nothing can break the bond of communication and surety between them.  A knowledge deep and simple that we two are on the same team. . . no matter what anyone said, no matter what the circumstances look like, no matter what wasn’t said or done, or even if we forget for a minute.  Then once that relationship is in place and tested we do it again with another and another.  And we introduce our inner circle folks with other inner circle folks and see what cooks.

When you add a third person all the old fear patterns get exposed, that part of the deal is pretty difficult to sort out sometimes but well worth the attention.  In a triangulation there’s no shadow – nothing hidden, someone can always see what’s real underneath or behind what just happened.  It’s a gift to have a healthy triangle to incubate your own soul.

Those triangles continue to grow in number broadening your base of community. However it isn’t really a community or a “family of choice” group until four can exist with the same levels of shared safety and communication as that rockin’ two.

In the sacred geometry of it – first the sacred two, then the creative three, and on to the stability of the four.  When you get to the four, the energy of stability comes into play.  Like the four legs of a chair or a table you suddenly have something you can lean on, can use as a structural “homebase”.  It’s a haven for each of the individuals because no one person can upset the apple cart, so to speak.  The relationship group takes on a life of its own almost separate from each individual, which as it turns out is a real blessing and takes the pressure off that steep uphill curve of personal growth that starts to wear us out in the beginnings of multiple relationships.  It takes considerable inner work, commitment, and a significant follow through to get to a solid healthy “four”.

But Five is where it really gets juicy.  In a word I’d call it discernment.  Working with five people in a committed group brings up the issues of each individual’s choices.  Can we each make appropriate choices that take good care of “me” and through integrity play out in the best interest of each of the other individuals in the group.  It takes practice and often the groups don’t have the strength or expertise to withstand these practice runs.  But its all good and we keep doing it until we get a group that works for us – until we get enough Self-Masters in the same project, under the same roof, and on the playing field, the resonant playing field.

Sometimes the five group is stable and creative for a time because it matches our family of origin dysfunction patterns.  Soon the house of cards tumbles and we feel around for another set of friends.  Sometimes our own inner growth gently cuts them loose or absurdly pushes them away.  In an Aquarian reality this is completely natural and like the loose bonds between water molecules we pause in relationship and then move onto the next more and more frequently.

The six relationship accentuates those old codependency patterns, especially the ones that have to do with pleasing and taking better care of others than we take of ourselves.  At this number of community we are pushed to go back and go deeper on any of the steps of relating where we may have slacked off.  Deeper into the Self mastery of One, the trust bond of the Two, the grace filled truth telling of the Three and so on.  I was once part of a large group that did really well when 6 staff members were present, but add a 7th and any meeting or event totally fell into argument and someone stormed out.  We did that for 4 months and never made it to the sacred geometric seven of community, but we were quite good at being a six.

So you can see the pattern now.  What I’ve found is that in order to have an organization that can generate, flow and maintain abundance (whether cash, love, or material objects) there must be at least 5 strong “Ones” at the core with all the “twos” and “threes” and “fours” clear and functioning.  Around that core, are concentric circles of individuals who are aware of their relationship to the core and why.

By the time a core group is established and the resonant field is stabile for the individuals, the creativity is also flowing and the cash is beginning to generate.  The strength of the core group makes it quicker and easier for new members to “dock on” and get into the flow.  All the hard work of the first 4 steps is duplicated by entrainment into the resonant field of experience within the group.  And from here, its all fine-tuning and experiential learning, so go have some fun and co-create a higher level of abundance all the way around your own block.

Note:  The Peoples Theater is an experiment of this sacred geometry of community unfolding.  Dana and I have been having this discussion for several years now and this is our current manifestation of these principles.  The one-sey two-sey of it is on this stage for you to see and experience.  We hope you will take this experience back into your own lives and expand the resonant field of co-creation that is the future beginning now. www.thepeoplestheater.com

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First Michael Jackson dies and gets everyone to think about love and what they can do for the earth, then the lunar eclipse in mid Capricorn dissolves our deepest subconscious issues (source-gestation), then a solar eclipse gives us the strength to stand up for (Mother) Earth and our (especially female) bodies, followed by another lunar eclipse in mid Aquarius giving us the ultimate sense of I can DO it.  Is this good or WHAT!   Yes. This is good.

I feel this solar eclipse is a very potent time to “take back the planet” and our bodies, home, feelings, safety. Reclaim your sense of home from any previous or historical dangers whether inside or outside the home, whether home is a body, a house, car or country. Since the solar eclipse is at 29 degrees 27 minutes Cancer we are in full mastery of those energies if we can realize that the body knows everything. The mind is just the MC watching the show. The mind can however participate meaningfully by enhancing and documenting the unfolding patterns of empowerment rather than the doom and gloom of historical eclipse assumptions.  Choose what you think and manage your mind.

This would be a great time for people’s, both men’s and women’s, bodies to stand up for an end to war or violence on children and the feminine. By consciously creating strength in our resonant field we can be the “dominant” force for maintaining HOME on earth. It’s a very strong way of creating, that is ultimately omnipotent.

Have fun and don’t go on anyone else’s “ride”. Lead, don’t follow! Stay tuned and calibrated to your own body and spirit while calibrating UP to others playing with full decks. Remind yourself that there are a lot of us and we are all connected. Strengthen (and use for your own support) the resonant fields of your choice. Love, Casey

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