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Emotions 101 by Casey Wood

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Drink more water. 16oz. or more immediately after or during an emotional blast will help your body cope with the overload.  Your shoulders may actually relax within a half hour or so.  If you do not drink extra water you can feel later or next morning as if you have a hangover.  That feeling is toxic overload.  When you feel achey muscles, headache, nausea, tingly hips, thighs, forearms, or aching elbows these may be simply a toxin overload.  Your elimination systems need help.  You can help your body in several ways.  Your skin is your largest elimination organ so anything you do to cleanse and invigorate it will be beneficial.  Shower and brush all over with a loofa sponge, take a long hot bath with a cup of Epsom Salts, Sea Salt, or Baking Soda.  Add you favorite bath oils or bath color, enjoy beautiful smells, treat yourself to a sensual experience.

Silence releases and clears the emotions.  Allow your self to sit still and be quiet.  Learn to meditate-whether it’s walking, sitting, or rhythmic movement.  Love yourself into a peaceful state.

Emotions are either expanding (love) or contracting (fear). Examples of expanding emotions are love, self-confidence, joy, or excitement.  These emotions create chemicals in your body that are beneficial to you, like enhancing brain functions, and strengthening/stimulating the immune system.  Contracting emotions (for example fear, anger, anxiety) create physical chemical toxins, which the kidneys, liver, and other areas of the body must filter and remove from your system.  The muscles along the top of the shoulder are one area where these emotional toxins are collected.  This happens immediately after the emotional blast-whether it’s your own emotions or someone else’s blasting you.

If you know how you feel, the emotions are yours.  If you are confused about how you feel or can’t seem to change the state, chances are VERY high that you are empathetically feeling the radiant emotional fields of those around you.  This may be because those individuals are sending the emotion outside their bodies by disowning their own emotions and you are experiencing them or because you are co-dependently agreeing to be responsible for that which is not yours.

Healthy loving touch is your best tool for health. Hug and touch those you love.  Remember touching is good for your entire being-whether you are giving or receiving it-so give your love away.  That way it will expand and strengthen your heart as well as your personal relationships.

Your emotions are not you-but they are important. They are transient energy states, which you can learn to calmly experience internally.  All day long we are exposed to the radiant emotional fields of the people around us.  Emotions flow through our bodies giving us momentary sensations, unless we are filled with old stuck feelings.  If we are holding uncried tears in our cellular structure any emotions that try to pass through us will be held and amplified by our own emotional history.  By slowing down to truly feel our emotions they are released, so don’t be afraid to feel, just keep breathing and be aware.  The experience of them is actually the release in process.  Be gentle with yourself and lighten up-expand with love and wellbeing.

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