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My understanding of my own sensitivity to electricity culminated with the American Idol Finals Stage being 10 feet outside the front door to the business I was running in the Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center.  The 3-inch electrical cords were running through our business and the command central broadcasting technology was under our feet on the floor below.  Our mezzanine location allowed us to look down on the maze of electrical cords and equipment with a couple tables of junk food right in the middle of it all.  It really was an amazing experience of high energy.  Electricity.

I experienced 9 days of blinding white-hot shrill pain in my left breast.  Red, hot, swollen inflammation and lumps. Unbelievable pain that would not be soothed by anything I did.  I took magnesium baths, stayed underwater for as long as possible, drank vitamin C with Calm (Mg) in it, pounded the vitamins and minerals, ate organic and green, prayed, meditated, walked, cried, had psychics clear me, changed hotel rooms, changed beds with my partner, blamed it on my partner, felt I wouldn’t have made it through without him, and finally gave up and went to the business and worked in the pain for 4 days and nights without any sleep.

Since then I’ve been able to understand my experience in several ways.  I think it was much more than just the electrical pollution but that was the crisis of it-the cherry on top-the straw on my back. There are several ways you can help yourself if you are highly sensitive to electricity and electromagnetic fields(EMFs).  Here are some of the things I have learned to help myself.

http://www.stetzerelectric.com/ sells a microsurge meter to check your home electrical  outlets and a stetzerizer to shield you from the electrical pollution coming out of them.  It really does help.

http://www.globallight.net sells Magnesium Oil, we are all magnesium deficient, and it is absorbed best transdermally, so a nice long hot bath will take away lots of achey joints, deep bone level aches and you may be pleased to find it helps other complaints as well.  I feel this is good for highly sensitive folks to rebalance the boundaries.

There are lots of tools on the market to help stabilize your energy field but the best research available is on the www.aulterra.com website.  I use their products and have noticed a tangible difference, especially in my head from cell phone use.  No more hot head or ringing ears from too long on the phone.  Their research show that the aulterra actually helps your dna strands wind back up from the unwinding caused by the cell phone.

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