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Aries Full Moon at 11 degrees.
The master number 11 applies to your ability and drive to DO IT. And we will all want to DO IT our own way. Obviously that’s going to be easier if we are aligned with divine will so as to minimize the conflict of that many leaders! We are a large group focused on personal wellbeing and earth restoration. Do your part by being yourself and doing your passion with grace and ease at the perfect timing.

It is often said that Aries has to learn patience but I disagree. If your Aries is having to learn patience then you are missing the Aries point which is more like a blue heron. The Blue Heron fishes and stands, catches and eats, flies and sleeps, it does not wait nor learn patience.  Aries is present in the moment, not waiting, not patient, just present in perfect timing with the perfect action in the right amount. DO IT or don’t do it, but make it YOURS.

A friend of mine who does massage of the organs and belly has moved into the San Francisco and Monterey Bay area. She’s also a midwife so pass the word on to anyone you know who is pregnant!
I found her belly massage to be exceptional. Clearing last remaining physical residues of all the clearing I’ve already done. It was very cool. The full moon is in Aries and so is her chiron, making her the perfect bodywork for the next 2 weeks. Hope you can all indulge yourselves and let her help you get your solar plexus online and open. It’s time to “do it your way” – that’s the message of this moon cycle. The will power moves through the belly (and our emotional history) moving the soul’s power, held in the lumbars, into action (Aries) with the will (Leo) in harmony (Cancer/Moon) with the soul (Pisces). Enjoy and let me know how it is for you…

Astrid is currently in Santa Cruz, CA, available to the whole San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey Bay Areas. You are so lucky she is in your vicinity. Take advantage and get your organs massaged into their correct placement. It will help your consciousness align as well.  http://www.birthrootmidwife.com   360-630-8391 is her cell number.  And yes she does work on men and women both.

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