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Palm Greens, A feature film
Casey Wood 310-430-9283 or PalmSpringsGreen@yahoo.com

A Proposal for purchasing and very quickly “greening” a small hotel in Palm Springs while creating a feature film to make it successful thereby, creating a more visible and viable GREEN Movement of Palm Springs.
Support Palm Greens Cafe! Enjoy local healthy food and network in your conscious community.

Our feature film is about a small hotel being “saved” by quickly transforming it into the city’s poster child for sustainability and green business. We plan to actually carry out the purchase, the transformation of the hotel, and becoming the Palm Springs poster child for Sustainability for real as we shoot the film. The finished feature film will be entered into film festivals worldwide for publicity and promotion of our hotel accommodations, green concepts, sustainability methods and of course, Palm Springs itself. The film includes a variety of Palm Springs locations, people, local celebrities and will be a tremendous advocate for the local culture and a draw for a new type of tourism. We hope to create a new side of Palm Springs to entice a wider variety of visitors to the city.

Think Sideways – only right side up! Using the film Sideways as a model we will allow the film to be a blatant showcase of the new green Palm Springs. Much of the film’s action occurs in the restaurant Palm Greens and other green or sustainable conscious businesses around town. I am open to including anyone who can prove to me they are in a new paradigm that is earth-friendly and supporting humanity’s wellbeing. Primarily I am interested in those who are willing to go all the way with me, fearlessly creating a new model of hope and prosperity that is based on strong values and valuing. Call me if you want to discuss this or have ideas worth including.

We have an excellent script and a crew with high-level Hollywood credits. The core of our business model is spiritually and practically sound, radiating out into the community with appropriate values and community enhancement. We expect this project to be more than a win/win for all involved, we expect it to be magic!

Our preference is to purchase The El Rancho Lodge, which was built in 1951 by Ed Castle, character actor in dozens of Hollywood movies of the era. He brought many a star to Castle’s Red Barn for vacation and movie screenings in his sunken living room. Guests have been coming through 5 or more changes in ownership. Currently most of the guests are retirees from Canada, US, and abroad as well as a few younger folks with children. Without exception guests who come for the first time fall in love with the ambiance and make reservations for the future, encouraging their friends to come as well. By greening the hotel we expect to maintain current guests, add a younger and green clientele plus cut monthly expenses by at least 10% and possibly up to 60%. The rapid success of the (green) Ace Hotel across the street is very exciting and promises to help create a “green” area of town.

The feature film Palm Greens, will serve as a how-to lesson on turning fortunes around for business owners stressed by current economic trends, a marketing device for the City of Palm Springs, a rallying point for an emerging local green movement, and potentially a draw for new businesses. I expect to attract individuals, groups, and families who are interested in earth restoration and heart focused experiences. The film models human behavior that is advantageous to a healthy, happy life, including nutritional, emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental techniques for restoring wellbeing. I expect this to be a draw for retirees and other health conscious folks moving to Palm Springs. Locals in these fields will be included in the film as well.

Palm Greens can be marketed to cities, businesses, online networking, or through a distributor. I think underground marketing through social networks online will be very successful. There are new methods of film distribution that are emerging so we will be open to following the latest successes and also developing our own online distribution methods following the threads of our demographic’s interests.

The premise of Palm Greens is that “greening and economic sustainability” are not expensive unattainable goals – rather that doing the “right” thing is more fun, simpler, cheaper, and faster. Plus eccentricity makes publicity! Palm Greens models a new relationship with native/indigenous people, that allows historical and spiritual wisdom to lead in the restoration of earth systems while replacing old wounds with fresh possibilities for interaction. We also show that the new green “earth conscious” reality already exists by featuring the businesses and individuals that are already living this way. The new sustainable model will work better and be more economically viable when more of us are doing it. The numbers will be the success and the attraction.

Our first steps happen very quickly and relatively simply:
• Provide a bicycle blender with organic fresh fruit for guests to make their own smoothies. Each hotel room will have its own container with the mechanism available to all.
• Used bicycles stored on an Art Bike Rack available for guests to use, helmets and other needs supplied.
• Solar ovens available for guests to use in the back courtyard with the barbeque.
• Hydroponic gardens in the back courtyard and along length of property.
• Pool and Room Hot Water Heaters using solar.
• Water Filtration system for drinking and cooking water.
• Begin using back of hotel as production studio/workshop for Independent Films

The second phase involves more elaborate and technical systems:
• New windows rated for efficiency and practicality for desert
• New roof with sustainable and green properties
• Enhanced insulation of walls and ceilings
• Room cooling and heating using alternative energy
• Generating our own electricity with wind and solar
• Clean air with ozone and ionization features

The third stage of the greening focuses on educational presentation for guests and public:
• 2 health support rooms for bodywork, counseling, private meditation
• Classroom for sustainable and green educational opportunities for public and guests
• Screening Room for showing green and health films as well as “indies” and classics
• Shared community kitchen for learning raw, slow, and vegetarian cooking
• Green appliances for cooking, laundry, personal hygiene, and other uses
• Green libraries for DVD, Books, and Appliances to be checked out by guests

The final cog in our green wheel is a fantastic website with extensive information and networking of the project and its features, challenging and reporting on others who are going green and sustainable. We plan to use this website to network all local businesses who are participating in the film and together create sales of merchandise, technology, and services.

At every step and for every component in the film we expect to be in partnership with the companies and individuals who are perfecting and living in new green and sustainable ways. These partners will be featured on the website and given high visibility at any public screening as well as film credits for their participation. Our goal is to make this process attractive to the masses, affordable, and easy – creating business for all who work with us to create Viva Verde from the old El Rancho Lodge – modeling a new kind of abundance that comes from a sharing community.

Let’s reinvent Palm Springs, as a leader in the movement to be earth restorative and sustainable.
Here’s to Palm Greens. Viva Verde!

Call Casey Wood, 310-430-9283 if you:
would like to finance this film
have a business to include
have ideas to consider
have contacts to share
would like to be involved as crew or talent
Please call me if you are interested in being my partner in greening properties in Palm Springs.

Toward creating the Local Green Network and Movement
On a larger scale I am inviting investors who will be courageous enough to play! There are over 90 empty business locations on Palm Canyon Drive! Let’s transform all the old dead small hotels in Palm Springs to “green” and find houses with green-able potentials to do the sustainable green turn around. We plan to create a TV series to show how it can be done and explore the possibilities in detail, thrift or extravagance. Imagine Palm Springs Mall as one really Great retail location for a seed community of green businesses including appliances, beds, bedding, a water store, clothing, a used bicycle center, and information center to name a few.

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Yesterday I searched for the perfect photo of Michael Jackson to use as an icon of the 1980’s. Of course it would be a Thriller photo.
Today – it’s a different world.

At 12:30pm when he checked into the hospital in LA my world slowed to a surreal fog and my traveling companion and I are melding into an energy field of retrospective peacefulness. The world changed before we knew it had. The day turned mentally foggy and disjointed, lost items were hopelessly un-retrievable.

Michael Jackson holds a huge global field of love.

No matter what you believe about Michael’s personal life, he has kept the message pure and clear. No matter what the current media assault, his gentleness and eccentric creativity shine beyond comparison.

And he owns The Beatles Music!! How weird and wonderful, how bizarre and sad.

In my astrology he is a chironbaby – a wise old master trying to find his way to remembering who he really is and why this life was his canvas. The challenge was one of seeing himself clearly, and in a kind of nobility rising to his own high potential. Creativity.

From late 1954 to 1991, not continuously but sprinkled throughout, babies were born who did not fit the cultural patterns, would not follow the prescribed paths, and who had a sexual vitality to wake the dead!

This group, plus some other rogue souls, set out to change the world by loving it and being wildly creative. This wild creativity it turns out is the only way to stay energetically impervious to the assaults and tremendous cultural “drag” that threatens to take them out at every turn.

Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John Lennon, you know the list. Every one of them a chironbaby. An old master remembering, not a child learning. Michael made it to 50! That’s strong. But couldn’t make it through his Chiron return – when the little planetoid, Chiron comes back to where it was when you were born. It’s a tremendous rebirth for each of us. If you don’t use the strength of your own mind to give yourself the correct, life affirming messages your body can believe that it is dying or worse yet, create the circumstances of your death. The mind is our best asset and our most useful tool for change, stability, and most of all for creating the field of potential around our bodies.

In a world that does not generally support life on earth, it’s really important to teach yourself how to manage your own mind. Especially not allowing anyone the right-of-way in your train of thought. Steer clear of those ‘accusing you of living in your own world’ or ‘nay-sayers’ What works today is to think in your own crazy coherent personalized creative way. Develop your own operating system, your own encyclopedia of experience and use it.

Looking beyond the culture at large and nurturing your own creativity is the best life support system available. Breathe deeply, get out in the trees and next to the ocean – inhale the air your body needs to do its health well. Drink water that’s alive, even if you have to give it prayer resuscitation. In fact give it the prayer treatment anyway.

Eat high frequency foods and organics to keep the poison to a minimum. Move your body, walking is good but make sure you move your upper body to keep the lymphatic system working well. Turn yourself upside down whenever you can and roll down a hill just to give yourself a reality check.

Figure out what you love, what makes you excited to get up in the morning, and then DO IT. Do it and take a following with you.

Create your tribe, or find the tribes that make you laugh, and sing, or dance. Living a life of joy no matter what cultural or familial cues previously pushed your buttons. There’s no need to take the time for resolution, understanding, correction, or being understood. If it didn’t work move on and don’t throw the energy around in a tantrum. It doesn’t matter if anyone else “gets” it.

We’ve gone global, we’ve worked locally, now its time to make a personal creative statement.

Make your life a personal creative statement just because you can.

Casey Wood

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Toward 2012 by Casey Wood (written late 2007)

310-430-9283, www.chironbabies.com

2007 is preparatory for humanity and planet earth to take the quantum leap enmasse during 2008.  To the extent we are prepared (and in love with ourselves and the earth) we can manifest the “painless” paradigm shift beginning around 1/25/08, when Pluto moves to zero degrees Capricorn.  Lots of folks have already done it and are standing by as sacred witnesses, mentors, and role models.  However, the overall “painlessness” is entirely dependent on having enough humans in the “right place” during this right time.  By right place I mean their correct home base on the ground – organic gardens and greenhouses and also their internal “right” – right with themselves, with God, with fellow human, with all aspects of Self.

This window of opportunity (much of 2008) is a free space on the game board of earth. A quantum reset button. Reboot option.  Just don’t close your eyes!  And DO NOT BACK UP!!  Its time to stay awake, play at the top of your game, and don’t sit out, the stakes are high and we’re playing for control of this planet by the Love Team.  (Every human being a member of this team.)  The “other” team does not care about humans or this planet except as it provides the fuel for their needs.  One of the confusing things here is that there are at least three teams, and that third team has been capitalizing on our assumption of two teams for just about as long as there’s been a serpent.

Love, by the way is a very advanced albeit natural technology, wanted by every joker and rook in this and other universes that didn’t come by it naturally.  A lot of games and wars are orchestrated around this fact – you’ve been watching them on American TV for about 4 decades.  Mid twentieth century, the missing understanding was not only quantum physics but the metaphysical as well.  Over those same 4 decades the old mystery school curriculum has been made available to all areas the globe.  And quantum physics is a household word.  Now we’re putting the package together!  If we can reach critical numbers in the “awake” column we keep the makeover from being completely unbearable.

During this cosmically ‘short’ window (2008) the new thing will just happen.  Our community, communications, and ability to hold the field for at least 3 months is the key to the level of stability staged and foundational for the next 4 years.  In other words if we can create our dream and hold it in consciousness strongly, unequivocally, plus  emotionally and mentally neutral, (that is passionately but not defiantly) then we will minimize the trauma.  We are in a mess, we can’t make it go away but we can work together to accomplish the Love we are here to experience.

When I was in art school one of my photography instructors was a surrealist who had lived and photographed during WWII.  He talked about the passionate lives and the passionate relationships, the great art and the powerful messages conveyed.   And he said if he could choose he would live like that again.  It was that rich and meaningful.

We need to generate powerful meaning, passionate communication and creative community in spite of the world and in the world around us.  These are intense times and the possibilities are magnificent for the creative and passionate souls.  If you’re reading this you would be one of them!  Enjoy the ride and be passionate about it.

2007 and our experience of “Other”. (Written fall 2006)

Juno is the asteroid indicating how we want to be seen in relationship and how we see our partners in relationship, what we deem important to relating, and our style of relating.  From October 2006 to September 9, 2007 she is in Libra, sign of the feminine mind, the body/mind, the physically receptive mind.  In this sign we relate body to body, physically communicating without ever saying a word.  In fact saying more with our closeness than words or mind can figure out.

This time period is a fire walk unraveling the merging boundary issues of violence and addiction at its most base energetic through codependency issues of psychology on into quantum subtleties of Bodhisatvic conundrums of existential proportion.  These are all levels of our experience of one another’s body/mind. The Libra feminine body mind exiled perhaps since Atlantis, maybe earlier.

We are collectively and individually practicing through 2007 in order to learn how to stay open during extreme neurological/electrical bombardment of the physical and multidimensional realities on our yin/receptive natures.  Perfecting our feminine ability to stay open in extreme yang experiences.

The collective we is also practicing in order to fully learn how to deal with maximum exposure of the electromagnetic/emotional body in all its multidimensional presentations without diverting our attention from Self-Love.  Perfecting our masculine ability to stay strong in extreme yin experiences.

This is also probably the ‘three days of darkness”, “the zero point”, “the time to close the curtains of the pueblo and stay inside”.  We’re there folks, this is the moment and you’ve still got time to drop your baggage in order to be the planetary solution you were incarnated to BE.

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Re:  The People’s Theater presentation of Modigliani in Santa Monica

“Shaking up Passion” by Casey Wood

The I Ching says that the artist is responsible for creating the directional signposts that lead a culture to its next evolutionary destination.  Such a monumental potential resting in those brushes and pens!  Leading a cultural movement most assuredly first requires that the culture be shaken up and shocked into noticing that the art even exists.

Modigliani’s passionate rebellion of soul definitely shook up his neighborhood (both banks!) but later the younger artists were experimenting with hashish and absinthe to try to emulate what they perceived to be his creative source.  Mostly the alcohol and drugs just ate up creative energies that might have been brought to birth or fruition.  But still Modigliani’s passion did make its way into history and a stream of upheaval did follow his life.  He did make some kind of difference.  And his life did trigger and ignite the passion of others who wrote of him and strove to find his level of passion.

In the aquarian reality of our 21st century everything is so transient, already the culture and the artists are shaking things up on so many levels – its sometimes difficult to find a way to be radical.  Finding your own way to make a difference and your own way to be radically passionate is a sacred calling.

Aquarius energy is very non-personal yet intimate in its communication – deeply passionate for change.  Our new arrival in the Age of Aquarius forces us to do what we know and find like minds to do it with or at the very least radically shake up anyone who thinks they’ve got stability.  Aquarian reality must include community and specifically the heart of the community.  The values and creativity of the 21st century will be well suited for theater and film, musical groups, and intangible forms of expression.  We want to experience the NEW.  We want to feel something change inside ourselves, and we’d like to share that experience with others.

It’s good to find your own passion so that you don’t accidentally become the community’s shadow.  It seems to me that Modigliani became the expression of the shadow of the Parisian arts in 1916.  Monet was building Giverny, Picasso was commercially viable and Modigliani showed up on the other side of town and the tracks.  He exposed the underbelly of the artist’s passion.  The raw uncensored, un – ”successful” deep dive into a conscious exploration of the depths of scorpionic black, sexual, decadent reality.  A pool every artist knows is there but each must work to keep their eyes open while they swim.  Few come up for air and go down again.  And even fewer tell or show the journey in a way that moves the culture to change.  It’s a dicey territory but someone always does it.  Every era has its deep divers.

Once when I was uncontrollably diving into that black pool a friend of mine gently took my head in his hands and said, “don’t go there, its animated!”  It was my first clue that I could choose whether or not I went all the way into the darkness.  What a revelation!  Choice.

Modigliani strikes me as one who never knew he had choice but rather was compelled to play the cards in his deck one after another into oblivion.  A compulsive outplaying of cultural shadow material.

Dana wants to find the deep dive, locate its edge and surf that edge into a public production.  I salute that passionate drive that takes us all into new territory of the heart so that we can all feel deeper, and broader and more fully what has meaning in our lives.

Each production of The Peoples Theater strives to take the cast on an emotional adventure of consciousness into personally uncharted territories of the Self so that what we experience together opens a potential for the audience to taste the adventure.  We want more heart and more soul to be visible – tangible in the room.

The Peoples Theater gives a group of folks the buzz of creating together and gives you (as the community) the experience of sharing that with us.  Thanks for joining us in the exploration.  We hope you’ll find your passion and express it thoroughly.

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Emotions 101 by Casey Wood

310-430-9283, www.chironbabies.com


Drink more water. 16oz. or more immediately after or during an emotional blast will help your body cope with the overload.  Your shoulders may actually relax within a half hour or so.  If you do not drink extra water you can feel later or next morning as if you have a hangover.  That feeling is toxic overload.  When you feel achey muscles, headache, nausea, tingly hips, thighs, forearms, or aching elbows these may be simply a toxin overload.  Your elimination systems need help.  You can help your body in several ways.  Your skin is your largest elimination organ so anything you do to cleanse and invigorate it will be beneficial.  Shower and brush all over with a loofa sponge, take a long hot bath with a cup of Epsom Salts, Sea Salt, or Baking Soda.  Add you favorite bath oils or bath color, enjoy beautiful smells, treat yourself to a sensual experience.

Silence releases and clears the emotions.  Allow your self to sit still and be quiet.  Learn to meditate-whether it’s walking, sitting, or rhythmic movement.  Love yourself into a peaceful state.

Emotions are either expanding (love) or contracting (fear). Examples of expanding emotions are love, self-confidence, joy, or excitement.  These emotions create chemicals in your body that are beneficial to you, like enhancing brain functions, and strengthening/stimulating the immune system.  Contracting emotions (for example fear, anger, anxiety) create physical chemical toxins, which the kidneys, liver, and other areas of the body must filter and remove from your system.  The muscles along the top of the shoulder are one area where these emotional toxins are collected.  This happens immediately after the emotional blast-whether it’s your own emotions or someone else’s blasting you.

If you know how you feel, the emotions are yours.  If you are confused about how you feel or can’t seem to change the state, chances are VERY high that you are empathetically feeling the radiant emotional fields of those around you.  This may be because those individuals are sending the emotion outside their bodies by disowning their own emotions and you are experiencing them or because you are co-dependently agreeing to be responsible for that which is not yours.

Healthy loving touch is your best tool for health. Hug and touch those you love.  Remember touching is good for your entire being-whether you are giving or receiving it-so give your love away.  That way it will expand and strengthen your heart as well as your personal relationships.

Your emotions are not you-but they are important. They are transient energy states, which you can learn to calmly experience internally.  All day long we are exposed to the radiant emotional fields of the people around us.  Emotions flow through our bodies giving us momentary sensations, unless we are filled with old stuck feelings.  If we are holding uncried tears in our cellular structure any emotions that try to pass through us will be held and amplified by our own emotional history.  By slowing down to truly feel our emotions they are released, so don’t be afraid to feel, just keep breathing and be aware.  The experience of them is actually the release in process.  Be gentle with yourself and lighten up-expand with love and wellbeing.

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Dowsing by Casey Wood



Dowsing with a pendulum or dowser is a simple way to determine information with your instincts when the mind does not know the answer.  My method of dowsing uses your body as the oracle much like the willow wand used by the “waterwitch” method.  Both the willow and your body are made up of mostly water!

You can dowse for water, locate lost items, or explore your emotional makeup.  By learning to ask questions well, you will increase confidence in your own clarity.  My method uses 5 options (unlike the limited style using only yes or no) so the questioning process can be more specific while addressing more complex questions.

Whether you call it dowsing, divining, penduling or consulting you will learn about yourself, the relationship between your mind and body, mind and spirit, mind and matter plus explore the world of natural energy movement inside and outside your self.

When an old time dowser locates water with a willow fork or wand the willow pulls dramatically toward the water.  With experience they learn to determine depth, flow, and dependability.  You, too, will be able to fine-tune your experience with a pendulum or any other type of dowser.

STEP 1, loose body:  Hold the dowser by the chain or cord so that all 360 degrees of movement are equally available to the bob in its swinging motion.

With shoulders relaxed and elbow comfortably bent hold your hand directly in front of you, palm facing down.  Hold the dowser with the bob hanging down and the other part in the hand while the thumb and index finger gently grasp the chain, cord, or thread.  Be aware that you are asking your body to move the pendulum energetically and not stopping all energy movement with your mind.  I personally prefer to put the pointed or heavier end as the bob and the more sensual or lighter piece into my hand.  This is entirely up to you and is only a matter of preference.  After trying many objects you will arrive at your favorite weight, shape, color, or material.  Playing with many options will show you that the choice for the bob may be helpful or a hindrance to your type of questions or style.  It’s all in the feel so enjoy the feeling of your pendulum.

Your body will always resonate with the natural world.  This is your instinct.  Instinct is always on and your body always knows.  You may not be aware of them, but the instincts are always available to you through awareness.  All you have to do is ask and pay attention to your body and you have access to your instincts.  Instincts are primarily conveyed by emotion or movement – they are not generally thoughts, but more of a knowing portrayed by direct response.

STEP 2, YES (l):  Practice the feeling of and experience of YES. Say out loud, “My name is __________” or even simpler say “the coffee cup in my hand is blue”.  Use your real name or the actual color.  When your body says yes the energy expands, pushing the pendulum away from you.   The swing from close to you then away is a yes.

STEP 3, NO (–):  Practice the feeling of and experience of NO. Say out loud something obviously no, then watch your pendulum swing from left to right as your body makes a boundary with what is prompting the no.

STEP 4, INCOMING (from the top <):  Practice the feeling of and experience of contemplation, looking with openness for a message. When this is held in the body it will create a counter clockwise direction of motion.  Counter clockwise spin indicates that energy, thoughts, or movement is coming to you.  Usually tuning in and waiting with openness will give the awareness time to land and you will know what to ask, what is coming, or get the message in some way.

STEP 5, OUTGOING (from the top >):  Practice the feeling of and the experience of letting go, clearing, or moving away. This experience will move the pendulum in a clockwise direction.  If you wait for a bit whatever you are tuning into will complete its clearing and then you can move on.

STEP 6, STILL (.):  This totally still non-action will occur when there is interference or a blockage. It is difficult to practice so just know what it means if it ever happens to you.  Perhaps the mind is the interference because it is thinking too much or dominating the pendulum.  Perhaps you need a good cry before you can go on.  Or there may be some kind of spiritual or psychic interference or a person who is attempting to manipulate you with their ideas.  Usually the still pendulum will alert you to the fact and just your awareness will shift the circumstances.  If you are dowsing water is probably means that’s where the line is blocked and needs to be opened.

Never underestimate the power of natural systems or the power of a clear mind.  By working with nature, using her natural systems and cultivating clarity, all things are possible.

The mind and voice are the communicators of your wisdom or spiritual connection.  Your mind is your own sovereign territory and must be educated and trained in order to stay on track working for you rather than causing you added problems.  Practicing with your pendulum is one way to strengthen the mind.  You are actually training it to allow the instincts to be communicated consciously.  You are also practicing the awareness of energy and unlimited possibilities.  Practice in telling yourself the truth internally will allow you to tell the truth to those around you.  Telling our selves the truth about our emotions, thoughts, knowing, and awareness breaks the cycles of dysfunctional codependency so rampant in our families and institutions.

Ultimately heaven and earth come together – your wisdom and your instincts work together to present the full YOU, in all your amazing individuality and eccentricity.

Good luck in your expanded awareness and feel free to call anytime you have questions or need feedback on your dowsing experiences.  Casey

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Casey’s Basic Tune-Up Meditation

  • Tune in to the Goddess/Earth/Love energies below your feet.  Imagine a clear path between your feet and the luscious core of the earth.  Nothing gets between you and your mother.  Now allow those vibrant revitalizing energies to gently flow through your feet, lets, butt, torso, head, and arms – shining out to support heaven.

  • Tune in to the God/Sky/Love energies above your head.  Imagine a clear path between your crown and cosmic knowledge.  Nothing gets between you and your father.  Now allow those dynamic energies to gently flow through your head and neck, down through the torso and filling the arms and legs, shining on down to support earth.
  • In case it hasn’t happened yet, ask for any interfering energies to be dissolved or removed from your being in all dimensions, all frequencies, all aspects of time and space, and any other way of perceiving yourself.  Now feel this as your home base.  Allow yourself to run higher voltage, especially in neck, ankles, and wrists.  Give yourself permission to turn on the juice.
  • Ask for any part of you that has been overworking to find its appropriate participation in your being, and for any dormant part to wake up and get on with it.
  • Request that all aspects of you now update to the present moment (condensing past and future), harmonizing and integrating all that has just changed.
  • Now sit with this wonderful feeling, allowing your self to know the truth of Being. Once you are in the fullness of this energy begin to radiate out to support all sentient beings in co-creating peace and abundance on earth.

If you have any questions or difficulties with this meditation please call.

Casey Wood                       310-430-9283                  www.chironbabies.com

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